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Video: Cell Phone Safety Tips From The NYPD


NYPD officers from the 60th Precinct, 61st Precinct, 62nd Precinct, 70th Precinct and Brooklyn South’s Community Affairs Unit converged on Tzar Restaurant (2007 Emmons Avenue) last Thursday, for the first ever Community Awareness Meeting organized by the Be Proud Foundation and the Brighton Beach Business Improvement District.

The event brought together business owners and community leaders from Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach with the police officers, allowing them to express gratitude and discuss local issues one-on-one.

“I strongly believe the NYPD cannot do its job without us, without the community. And the community cannot function without the NYPD,” said Be Proud Executive Director Raisa Chernina.

Brooklyn South’s Community Affairs Unit produced four presentations for the event, providing tips about cell phone safety, bullying, drugs and general crime prevention.

Above is the video on cell phone safety, one the leading crimes across New York City, and the primary factors comprising the sharp rise in robbery rates over the last two years.

Each of the three remaining presentations will be published on Sheepshead Bites once a day this week.

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  1. Not to spread conspiracy theories but, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say the NYPD is trying to scare us into getting our phones registered into a convenient little database that they can use to connect us to our phones without having to subpoena the phone companies. Surely there isn’t anyone who will watch this and think “Oh no, I call my family when I get off the subway, that must mean the thieves are after me. Better run to the 61 and get registered. Because you know… then they won’t be after me anymore”

    What kind of nonsense is this? No matter what the ultimate goal of this program is, sounds like a whole lot of bullshit to me.

  2. Lets blame the victim. Someone gets their phone stolen and its their fault for not keeping tactical awareness while walking down the street. Girl gets raped and its her fault for wearing a short skirt in the summer. Car gets stolen or broken into its your fault for not being able to find a parking spot in a well lit area. Getting your phone registered by the police will not stop or prevent a crime so dont waste your time doing that. If you bought your phone im sure the phone company can give you a serial number for it so you can get it from the lost and found. I dont think people should walk around like zombies and should always be aware of their surroundings but why do they always blame victims.

  3. Excellent video. Bay Resident and Local Broker, those comments are completely off base. Walk around and watch people with phones. Texting while walking, talking, etc. Nobody has any idea what is around them and it is very dangerous and very easy for even a novice criminal to take full advantage. NOBODY IS PAYING ATTENTION to their surroundings anymore. Mentioning a girl getting raped because of the short skirt? Come on, pal. Conspiracy scare tactics? How about the NYPD just trying to spread some helpful information on how to safeguard your property and person, and teach people to PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY ARE DOING. 

  4. Yeah because when those girls were being attacked in park slope and sunset park the cops weren’t saying publicly for women to wear less revealing clothing. Yeah and the cops dont say park your car in well lit areas. If you read my last sentence i said people shouldn’t walk around like zombies but the cops shouldn’t blame people for getting robbed by criminals. So next time i am on the phone and fully aware of my surroundings if i see a bad looking guy anywhere near me i will hang up, put my phone in my pocket, make sure not to make eye contact and walk across the street. I didnt say anything that cops dont say all the time. Come on, pal. If the cops did some more serving and protecting instead of busting balls and writing tickets maybe we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  5. People that would actually register there phone at the station are not going to be the kind of people that sometime down the road are gonna have cops subpoena there phone but I can see why you would think that just because of who we are dealing with.The truth is there are huge amounts of people getting kicked in the bird for there Iphones.All robbers should stay outta sheepshead and target the hipsters in Williamsburg,thats it…and maybe they will go back to there world.
    Speaking of Hipsters,Ned do you have any info on the Cyclones having some sort of Williamsburg hipster event at the stadium next month??What the shit is that about,hipsters already destroyed half of brooklyn and now they are introducing them to our part???

  6. I know, I know. I was being a bit tongue in cheek. But the point is, I almost wish that this was all part of a master plan by the NYPD to collect our information and track us because otherwise the program just sounds ridiculous and it pains me to think that people so out of touch are wasting time and money on programs which require walking into your local precinct to get your cell phone ENGRAVED. What the hell? Its 2012 guys, come on. Please oh please tell me you didn’t actually spend money on an engraving machine for this purpose. At the very least, every phone has an IMEI # which is already registered with the carrier and changing or erasing one is far beyond the capabilities of anyone hiding under the subway to steal it from you and certainly more difficult than filing down an NYPD engraving.

    I think that this video is a prime example of why the police continue to fall behind when it comes to catching real criminals. Sure, they can bust all the 13 year old potheads they want or write out more window tinting tickets than one can fathom, but when it comes to stopping actual criminals these guys are clueless.

  7. They really aren’t blaming them for anything. They are just saying heres a way that if your phone does get stolen and if we find it on a person that commits a crime, we can return it to you. Also, they don’t use any fancy or expensive engraving machine, when you go to get your phone etched, you’ll see exactly what they do. It does not damage the phone nor void your warranty.


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