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Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day This Saturday With 1st Brooklyn Bookstore Crawl

Photo by José Bayona
Photo by José Bayona

Here’s a holiday to get Brooklyn book lovers to rejoice.

On Saturday, April 30, Independent Bookstore Day will be taking place throughout the country. According to the official site, 400 bookstores will be participating from coast to coast.

To celebrate our borough’s love for books — the ones that you can dog-ear rather than download — more than 20 stores in the county of Kings will be participating in the the 1st Brooklyn Bookstore Crawl.

The crawl is a self-guided tour to your beloved literary hotspots as well as the new ones that you’ve been meaning to seek out. And with enough bookstore stop-ins, you may just win some prizes. So here’s what you need to do:

1. Visit any 5 or more of the participating bookstores. Note: To enter the drawing for the grand prize, you must include at least 5 sponsoring bookstores in your crawl. To enter the drawings for the other prizes, you can visit any 5 (or more) stores.

2. Complete each store’s designated scavenger hunt task and post a picture on social media. Be sure to use the #bkbookstorecrawl hashtag and tag the store’s account. Tasks will be announced on this website just prior to April 30, and will also be displayed at sponsoring bookstores.

3. Browse the store! We’re here to get to know Brooklyn’s independent bookstores, after all.

4. Come back to this website and fill out a form with links to your 5 scavenger hunt posts. The form will be accessible from the morning of April 30 until the following day.

Fort Greene has just one of those bookstores, but there are others nearby! Make sure you put our fantastic neighborhood heroes on your list to visit:

Greenlight Bookstore
Where: 686 Fulton Street (between S. Elliot and S. Portland Streets)
Hours for The Crawl: 10am-10pm

Nearby Bookstores:

Unnameable Books
Where: 600 Vanderbilt Ave (between St. Marks Avenue and Prospect Place)
Hours for The Crawl: 11am-11pm

Have more questions? Visit the Brooklyn Bookstore Crawl website for more information.

Enjoy the crawl! And you won’t need to submit a book report for this one

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