CD45 Update: Women Lead In Matching Funds

CD45 Update: Women Lead In Matching Funds

EAST FLATBUSH — After Friday’s disclosure deadline, three women lead the pack in projected matching funds for the special election in the 45th council district.

Council District 45

Monique Chandler-Waterman, running on the A Vital Voice party line, came in first with $192,848. The non-profit executive submitted $24,106 in matching claims to the New York City Campaign Finance Board.

Behind her, Farah Louis who chose A United 45 as her party name comes in second with $185,032 after she submitted $23,129. Jovia Radix, an attorney, aptly named her party Justice For All. Radix looks to receive $137,480 in matching funds after submitting $17,185.

Ten of the 11 candidates participated in the matching funds program, all of which chose the $8 to $1 option.

The New York Campaign Finance Board will audit all matching funds claims and post the confirmed amounts on Thursday, April 19. Here’s an estimate of what the rest of the candidates can expect to get from matching funds.

The un-audited figures for the remaining candidates are as follows:

  • L. Rickie Tulloch (Peoples Movement): $137,480
  • Xamayla Rose (Rose For Progress): $76,512
  • Anthony Alexis (Unite to Uplift): $23,264
  • Adina Stash (Community First): $83,088
  • Hercules Reid (Opportunity): $17,936
  • Anthony Beckford (Liberal): $10,160
  • Victor Jordan (Last Chance): $2,960

Jean Similiean chose not to participate in the program but raised $2,219 as of April 8.

On April 19, the city’s campaign finance board will distribute all matching funds for this round.

During the April 12 hearings, The Board of Elections will determine which candidates will officially make the May 14 ballot.


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