Join a Personal Approach to Yoga (Sponsored)

Join a Personal Approach to Yoga (Sponsored)

There’s a different kind of yoga taught at Church Ave Yoga & Bodywork Center (CAYBC) where, in addition to feeling as if you’ve stepped into a colonial American home, with candles lit, a light hint of incense, and the rhythmic sound of deep yogic breathing, students get personalized instruction.

Courtesy of Church Avenue Yoga and Bodywork Center

Based in the lineage of Krishnamacharya, the grandfather of modern yoga practice, through the teachings of Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar, the CAYBC offers a personalized method of yoga instruction where each student is taught individually in a group setting up to her/his level of ability. As the student’s body and mind soften to the practice, more advanced postures are added. If particular areas need work, other complementary poses are offered.

Courtesy of Church Avenue Yoga and Bodywork Center

Arriving at the CAYBC during their morning practice one can see people already deep into their practice. A beginner is being gently guided through new yoga poses, while more advanced students are working on their own, finding meditative peace in pretzel­-like contortions. All the while CAYBC founder, Bob Doto, the bearded instructor and head bodyworker, meanders about the room assisting students in new or challenging postures.

Courtesy of Church Avenue Yoga and Bodywork Center

The CAYBC’s method is ideal for students of all experience levels, from advanced to beginners, and, due to its personalized approach, is especially suited for people with physical concerns that might otherwise preclude them from entering a typical lead class.

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Students may arrive anytime between 6:30-­11am
Monday–Friday and 9­-11am on Saturdays. Last arrival is at 10am.


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