Car Explodes Near Train Station Following Accident

A car exiting the Belt Parkway at Exit 8  lost control, slamming into a parked car before exploding into flames, according to police on the scene .

The accident occurred on Friday, June 18, at around 7:40 p.m. The driver, a woman, was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. She managed to escape the car before it ignited, witnesses said.

Police on the scene weren’t entirely sure how the accident happened, but they speculated that she took to the exit ramp too quickly and lost control of her vehicle. Her car ended up on the sidewalk, smashing the parked vehicle into the fence of the old Verizon lot. It then erupted into flames in front of the stairs for the East 14th Street footbridge over the Belt Parkway. No bystanders were harmed.

The owner of the parked car was saved by chance, according to the officer. He had just gotten out of the car minutes before, and was a block away helping his son who had been in a minor car accident. He can be seen in a blue shirt in the video after the jump.