Captain Dave II To The Rescue

Whoever said that Sheepshead Bay party boats are dispensable probably never had their boat overturned in the windy waters.

Early Sunday morning on May 10, 2009, a 25-foot boat carrying six anglers was overturned when the winds and waves forced them into the chilly waters of Jamaica Bay.

Thankfully, a dance cruise boat carrying high schoolers celebrating their graduation was nearby. The captain and crew of the Capt. Dave II rushed to the mayday call — originating through the Coast Guard radio — and were able to rescue the entire crew of the capsized boat.

The rescued fisherpeople were rushed to nearby Coney Island Hospital and Maimonides Hospital in Borough Park, with all being released with a clear bill of health a little while later — free to check out their boat now docked at Sheepshead Bay.

Check the NY Daily News full story and see some pictures of the Capt. Dave II and its heroes, Capt. Dave Paris,Daniel Paris, and Larry Patrin. There’s no picture of rescuer Salvatore “Capt. Cody” Catapano, but we’re sure everyone whose life was saved will never forget his face.


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