Congressional Candidate Mark Murphy Calls For A Minimum Wage Hike On Labor Day

Source: Mark Murphy/ Jon Reznick Photography

From the offices of Mark Murphy:

Today Democrat Mark Murphy, who is challenging Michael Grimm in the NY-11 Congressional race, called for passage of The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2012, federal legislation that would raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.80 over the next three years. Murphy connected his support for this legislation to the needs of working men and women who are struggling to survive in this tough economy. He also urged Michael Grimm to step up and join the effort to pass this common-sense legislation.

“On Labor Day, it’s important to honor the hard work of middle class families. But today we also need to show our commitment to strengthening and expanding the middle class, especially at a time when so many households are barely getting by. The reality is that far too many people aren’t earning enough to provide for themselves and their families. Raising the federal minimum wage is the best way to help working men and women keep pace with the rising costs of living. This much-needed wage boost will enable a greater number of families to make ends meet. They will spend the extra income at local businesses, which will boost demand for goods and services, and help create more jobs over time,” Murphy said.

Economically and morally, this is the right thing to do. We all benefit from a higher federal minimum wage. Members of Congress should raise the minimum wage as soon as they return to Washington. Congressman Grimm has been silent on this legislation, even though community organizations and working people in the district have urged him to support it. Grimm needs to do what is right and listen to the concerns of his constituents.”