Can You Recognize the Ugliest Iconic House in Ditmas Park?

In the contest for most iconic house in Ditmas Park, Rugby Gardens has a serious claim to the throne. However, there are other contenders.

Consider the Fry’s home. It’s not the most well-kept place but, in an award-winning 2001 episode of Futurama, the show’s star (Phillip J. Fry) returns to his old house by taking a B train to Newkirk Avenue and walking through a very familiar looking neighborhood.

Like The Simpsons before it, a significant portion of Futurama’s art comes directly from the lives of the artists and writers. Can anyone recognize which neighborhood home this might be based on? The color and layout will probably be basically the same — at least from when the episode aired in 2001. The deadly decay is probably a little exaggerated.