Can You Keep A Secret?

Can You Keep A Secret?

Image via Park Slope Patch

Ever had something that you just had to get off your chest, but nobody to confide in? Patch reports that now, thanks to a Park Slope startup, you’ve got millions who are ready to listen.

The Story Vine, started by Slopian Eric Gatz and his Chief Technology Officer, Tim Nugiel, is almost like group therapy online. Contributors post their deepest, darkest secrets, confessions or desires (in 600 words or less) and in 63 different languages (thanks to Google Translate). There are no ads or pictures on the site, all that is required to submit a post is a user name and password, and, best of all (in my humble opinion) the comments function for the site has been disabled. Gatz, who fears that comment trolls (I think there’s a spray for those things now?) will cause posters to second guess their decision to confide in the Vine, explains:

“Think about it, someone will say, ‘I’ve never told anybody this and I don’t want to be judged by commenters,’” Gatz explained. “With The Story Vine there are no commenters, so there are no judgments.”

The site, which officially went live on July 10, already has several hundred anonymous “vines” and receives a steady stream of new submissions daily. I think it may be time to finally unload some of those illicit activities from high school off my conscious…