Cafe Rokhat Replaces Aladdin On Sheepshead Bay Road

It’s another restaurant switcheroo at 1788 Sheepshead Bay Road, with Cafe Rokhat opening up last week on the site of two previous kebab joints.

The business replaces Aladdin Restaurant, which opened in December 2011, but ended up shutting down when Superstorm Sandy came through. The business that preceded it, Garden Bay Cafe, had a much longer run in the location, but similarly ended in tragedy when a fire ravaged the building.

We stopped in to check out the menu, only to learn that there wasn’t a single English letter on it. A waiter informed us it would serve dishes from Tajikistan, a central Asian nation that borders Uzbekistan. They also serve “some French stuff,” the waiter said.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Cafe Rokhat.


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