Cafe L’Azur To Close? Or Something Like That…

L'Azur Russian Restaurant in Sheepshead Bay

Last week we set you off on a guessing game of which Sheepshead Bay restaurant was selling its business on Craigslist. Was it sushi? El Greco? A strip club?!


Reader “Local Broker” had to go off and spoil the fun with his early – and accurate – answer: “East 14th and Z near the library.” He was, of course, talking about Cafe L’Azur at 2612 East 14th Street. So when we have our eventual meetup, Local Broker will get his reward: a hug… or something.

While the number attached to the Craiglist post did indeed go to L’Azur, an owner named Dimitry denied the whole thing. It’s possible that’s because, minutes before, we were in the restaurant asking him face to face. He denied it then, too, and had no knowledge of any Craigslist post. But when we talked over the phone, he admitted he did know about the post, but didn’t know who put it up or why, and that the business was not for sale.

“We’ve only been open for a year. We’re not selling it,” were his words.

But one reader who is interested in buying the business told us that he called and spoke to an owner as well. Not only did they tell him the business was for sale, but they’ve asked him to come in and take a look around. Curiouser and curiouser…

Whatever the situation, it’s definitely weird. Cafe L’Azur did open about a year ago, replacing a florist who had been there for at least a decade. They renovated the spot inside and out. But – perhaps because of poor media relations – they’re now closing. Maybe. Who knows.

Confused yet? Me too.


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