Businesses Put Graffiti Artists To Good Use

Recently we ran an article that covered a graffiti problem on East 19th Street and other places (and here, here, here and here). It began to look like Sheepshead Bites is anti-graffiti, but in reality this blog’s editor, Ned Berke, is a big fan of street art done well. We just don’t like the shmucks who are putting their hideous marks on other people’s property.

We have a message for them: practice at home. Get good, then get paid for it.

There are many businesses in the area that have put talented graffiti artists to good use.

Benny's Gourmet Pizza (Photo by Ray Johnson)

Above, Pizzeria Del Corso (3003 Avenue U off Batchelder Street) has done a mural that is a perfect example of graffiti done right. It’s a beautiful, full-size mural promoting the business it adorns. It is there with purpose and reason, it’s fun to look at, and it’s not vandalism.

They’re not the only pie-tossers with the idea. Benny’s Gourmet Pizza (1730 Jerome Avenue) has a really well-done piece that takes up the entire length of the building and has some interesting characters on it.

The new Boost Mobile store opening up at 1505 Sheepshead Bay Road is getting artist Sueworks to put up a mural indoors once they get permission from the suits higher up.

And sometimes graffiti can be informational, like this piece on Coney Island Avenue:

For those of you “artists” out there that enjoy tagging post offices and garages, why not take this example to heart? You don’t have to vandalize property to display your art. It certainly doesn’t make you better, and no one gives a crap about your street cred. You get cred by being good. So find someone who’ll give you a legal canvas to work on, volunteer your talent, and help make your neighborhood a better place to live. You can earn some respect and some bank while you’re at it, and come out of the shadows as a respected artist.

With additional reporting by Ned Berke.