Business Dreaming on Newkirk Plaza

With the deck upgrades, the new plants and trees, and a mural in the works, Newkirk Plaza is about to complete a pretty nice makeover. It seems like a good time to open a business there, where you would join some neighbors who have helped keep the plaza great over the years, like Leon’s, Almac, and Newkirk Station Liquors.

So what’s available? Two former tax service centers:

The space where Liberty Tax Service used to be at 45 Newkirk Plaza is one of the most interesting on the plaza. As Jamie commented last week, “This is the one where you have an area of plaza out of the flow of commuter traffic that would be perfect for cafe tables.” Not sure what kind of paperwork it would take to do that, but we’d love to see someone try.

For more information on the space, contact Jacob Gold Realty at 718-382-6900.

The other tax place, H&R Block at 15 Newkirk Plaza, also seems to have packed up for good. That’s it on the left, with the torn awning–the space on the right didn’t seem to be a part of it, and had the gate down during tax season. We’re trying to track down info leasing info, and will update if we hear anything.

Since we’re covered for groceries, delis, and banks, what businesses do you think Newkirk Plaza needs?


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