Burglary Arrests Announced At 78th Precinct Community Council Meeting

78th precinct council meeting

The 78th Precinct Community Council held their last meeting until the fall on Tuesday night. And Captain Frank DiGiacomo started off the meeting with some good news. Officers had arrested three people in connection with a  number of burglaries that have occurred in the neighborhood recently.

DiGiacomo attributed the successful arrest to high quality security cameras located in several of the businesses that were hit by the burglary crew. He recommended that businesses in the area consider investing in good security cameras and said that restaurant owners should avoid keeping cash in their restaurants after hours.

“If there’s no cash in the place, there’s less for burglars to steal,” said DiGiacomo. “They are probably not going to take plates and silverware.”

DiGiacomo said that since the arrests, the number of burglaries has gone down significantly. He also recommended that residents keep windows closed when not at home during the summer to help prevent burglaries.

There have also been a number of bike thefts in the neighborhood recently and DiGiacomo said the best way to help the police find your bike if it does get stolen is to register it with the precinct. It’s also helpful to take a photo of your bike so that the police will know what to look for.

Residents at the meeting were concerned about the impact closing the park to afternoon traffic will have on the neighborhood. Captain DiGiacomo assured everyone that the police will be taking extra care to monitor traffic in the area next week when the changes take effect.

The next Community Council Meeting will be Tuesday September 29th, at 7:30pm. In the meantime, keep up with what’s going on in the 78th Precinct Captain DiGiacomo recommended following their Twitter account, @NYPD78Pct.


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