Brooklyn’s Best Greasy Spoon: El Greco Diner?

One of El Greco's sumptuous cake offerings. Photo by Erica Sherman

If past comments are any indication, many of you will have a lot to say about this write-up that appeared in yesterday’s New York Post. I could almost hear Rick Blaine’s voice lamenting, “Of all the greasy spoon jernts, in all the ’hoods, in all the world, food writer Sara Pepitone walks into El Greco.”

Calling it “a diner’s diner” in her piece, “Best greasy spoons of NYC,” Pepitone sings the praises of the “neon-hued” establishment, extolling the “seven-page 10-by-14-inch menu, 25 varieties of three-egg omelet, ginormous portions, mirrors on the ceiling, and around-the-clock hours.”

El Greco (or, as many have taken to calling it, “El Drecko”) was the only Brooklyn diner to make the grade, beating out crosstown rival Kouros, and the 127 other ‘greasy spoons’ throughout the borough.

Say what you want about El Greco…I think they’re good, but they’re no New Clements (of blessed memory). Now that was a greasy spoon and, in my opinion, they did it better than anyone.

What’s your favorite greasy spoon in the area?


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