Brooklyn’s Best Blocks? Surely We’ve Got One

According to L Magazine, this is what our streets look like. Lay off the acid, hippies... (Source:

The scribes over at L Magazine – who definitely know how to write a good “Best of” list – just compiled their list of 50 Best Blocks In Brooklyn. Like the rest of the city’s media, they overlooked Southern Brooklyn. Just two blocks made it onto their list:

9. Best Block For Low-Brow Entertainment
The Boardwalk between Stillwell and 10th Streets, Coney Island
Shoot the Freak, Ruby’s and Cha Cha’s, two amusement parks, and a handful of places to buy greasy fries and Budweiser. You’re welcome.
27. Best Block For Wildlife
Shore Parkway between Bay 44th and Bay 56th Streets, Gravesend
This big-ass block is otherwise known as Calvert Vaux Park, a south Brooklyn shoreline destination for the borough’s birders.

But we know Southern Brooklyn has some great blocks. How about Emmons Avenue, the best block “where there is water and [you] can walk around pointlessely, spitting seeds and talking shit about fat relatives and friends.

Or Voorhies Avenue near East 28th Street, the best place to witness a hate crime neighbors will describe as road rage?

East 17th Street between Avenue U to Avenue Z, the best place to shatter your car’s axle going a measly 25 miles-per-hour?

Over in Gravesend, there’s Avenue V and West 11th Street, the best block on which to buy a condo if you want to see your property value go nowhere.

We’ve got loads of great blocks in and around Sheepshead Bay, not to mention the rest of Brooklyn. So, L Magazine, you wags… what the hell?

You know, I’m guessing it’s just that you don’t know our area too well. Why don’t you come down here, and we’ll take a walk to Sheepshead Bay’s prime hipster hangouts?