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Kings Highway Library Opens Expanded Passport Center


Libraries play a huge role for Brooklyn residents, serving as both educational and cultural centers. Now they’re taking on an even larger role , as the Kings Highway library branch (2115 Ocean Avenue) has opened its expanded passport center, the second such center in the entire Brooklyn Public Library System.

While residents can still apply for passports at their local post office, the library passport center can avoid the long lines and get more personal service at the Kings Highway branch. It’s the first expansion of the passport program that began at the Central library on Eastern Parkway, which opened in May 2011 and has already processed 21,000 passport applications and 7,000 photos.

Linda Johnson, the president of the Brooklyn Public Library, hailed  opening of the passport application center at Kings Highway library as a vital addition to the immigrant community.

“With the opening of our new Passport Application Acceptance Facility at Kings Highway Library, it is easier than ever before for South[ern] Brooklynites and new immigrants to obtain passports. Since more than 37 percent of Brooklyn’s residents are foreign born, there is incredible demand for this service. We are proud to provide this important resource to the community and look forward to helping thousands of people begin their travels,” Johnson said in the release.

Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein pointed out that the addition of passport services at the Kings Highway library will be a boon for seniors.

“As a legislator representing a district with one of the largest concentrations of senior citizens, I want to thank the U.S. Department of State for recognizing the needs of both the elderly and people with disabilities. The choice of a site so central and convenient to the Southern Brooklyn community will save time and stress for the many, who before, had to endure great difficulty to secure this vital document. I thank the Department of State on behalf of my constituency,” Weinstein said.

The release broke down the hours of operation for the Passport Application Acceptance Facility and some of its key features:

Hours are temporarily set for 10 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday and Sunday by appointment. Saturdays are currently closed until further notice. To make an appointment, call 718-230-2292 or 718-375-3037 ext. 128…

The new facility includes:

  • Five agents with room for two seated applicants
  • A paging system to allow those waiting to browse the Library
  • Passport pictures
  • Document copying
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities.
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  1. This should be a passport deportation center instead. Kick the ungrateful (america hating welfare cheating and non tax paying) immigrants out and stop immigration. We have become an overcrowded third world country. I can barely recognize America these days.

  2. Guess we’re not in Kansas anymore. Hey, Mr. Patriot, if it wasn’t for immigration where would you be? Maybe YOU should go back where YOUR ancestors came from.

  3. FYI, the first number (718-230-2292 or to make an appointment, call 718-375-3037 ext. 128) connects to BPL’s Central branch, not the one on Kings Highway.

  4. Thanks for posting this Ned and Willie. It was quick and easy. I went to the Kings Highway Library to apply for a new passport and it surprisingly arrived in less than three weeks without putting a rush on it and paying the additional fee! The staff was helpful and courteous and made sure my application was correct.


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