Brooklyn Pandemic Numbers: Hanging In There

Brooklyn Pandemic Numbers: Hanging In There

The microcluster approach to managing the pandemic works and will continue across the state, Governor said today as he reported 205,466 tests yesterday, of which 5,468 were positive (2.66% of total). Total hospitalizations are at 2,348. There were 32 COVID fatalities.

For NYC to go to the Orange zone, the city will need to be at a 3% 7-day average for 10 days, Governor Andrew Cuomo explained in his call with the press earlier this afternoon. NYC is currently at 2.52% 7-day positivity, daily positivity yesterday was at 2.4%, same as the day before, with 2,021 new cases.

Now, in Brooklyn, while 11230 is still doing worse than the rest, and the Yellow zone 7-day positivity is at 3.55%. Across Brooklyn, the daily positivity rate has dropped to 2.2% from 2.4% on Wednesday and 2.6% on Monday, and the 7-day average rate is at 2.22%, still 2nd lowest in the city behind Manhattan.

Another record – 24,164 people got tested in Brooklyn, and 525 tested positve. While it’s great everyone is getting tested, I hope most folks are still planning on staying home for the holidays – there will be an increase in the infection rates as we head into the holidays and the vaccine while it is coming is not coming in time for this winter’s surge.

Three Brooklyn residents died, along with two in Queens and one in Staten Island.

When it comes to schools, just under 35k additional students were enrolled for blended learning (Mayor said that that was the last chance for this school year), Politico reported, and students of color are less likely to return back to school: