Brooklyn News Roundup

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  1. Korean-Uzbek-Russian food? Intriguing. At the most awkward and charmingly named “Cafe At Your Mother-in-Law?” Irresistable. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Church Cafe Wine Bar is excellent! I grew up in Kensington (and now live in Ditmas Park) and I rememeber going all the time to shop at this spot when it was Mexican Grocery store! So when I heard that a wine bar was opening in it’s place, and I saw the odd-looking storefront, I immediately decided it was a FAIL…but one day my BF (who lives in Windor Terrace) and I were hunting for a place for him to have a drink and for me to have a light meal! And we were not in the mood for Yen-Yen…and we saw how empty this place was at 9pm and thought “awwww that’s sad, let’s go and give them a sale”….I was impressed by the decor…very ntimate. The beer selection was great and I decided to order a special of the day “grilled squid with arugula”…IT WAS AMAZING! My bf who rarely eats seafood, loved it! The garlic bread on the side was the cherry on top…two men walked in at different times to sit down for a beer, the eastern european waitress was nice, and the paisanos in the kicthen rocked our palate! We haven’t been back, because I’m afraid they won’t have the grilled squid on the menu, since it was a “Special of the day”, but we were very happy with the quality of our food and are planning to go back soon! I really wish them well, although it looked like they don’t get too busy…it’s a hidden gem! I really wish we had a place like this on newkirk or cortelyou!

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