Brooklyn Is Now Red And Yellow, But No School Till Monday Soonest

Brooklyn Is Now Red And Yellow, But No School Till Monday Soonest

How is that possible? Will schools that were in orange and yellow zones that were ordered shut now reopen? What about my business? How long will each stage last? So many questions. Not enough answers. But here is what we know from the Governor’s press conference earlier today and the city.

First – a high-resolution map is here. Basically, everything south of Prospect Expressway, Caton Ave, and Linden Boulevard is in Yellow Zone.

What’s the basis for the change? According to the Governor, over the past 10 days:

  • Red “Micro-Cluster” Zone: infection rates were between 7.4% – 5.5% (does not meet criteria to exit red zone)
  • Orange Buffer Zone: infection rates were between 2.6% – 2.7% (meets criteria – based on no notable case increase for a buffer zone – for designation as Yellow Buffer Zone)
  • Yellow Buffer Zone: infection rates were between 1.5% – 1.7% (does not meet metric to exit; remains Yellow Buffer Zone)

What are the criteria referenced here?

What are the restrictions in Yellow and Red Zones?

Will schools reopen for in-person instruction tomorrow, Thursday, October 22?

Not if the school is a public school. School may resume on Monday, according to the lastest tweets from Chancellor Richard Carranza:

“NYC families: the State has changed some zone color designations that may subsequently change the status of your child’s school. Please note that no changes to school building closures/reopenings will go into effect until Monday, October 26.”

How long will the restrictions last?

The State Department of Health (DOH) is reserving the right to change all that at a moment’s notice. Full detail on today’s news here.