More Folks Gave to Bernie, but Elizabeth Raised More: Brooklyn Donations for 2020 Presidential Campaign

More Folks Gave to Bernie, but Elizabeth Raised More: Brooklyn Donations for 2020 Presidential Campaign
Bernie Sanders for President campaign event. Photo by Phil Roeder/Flickr.

As the debates continue for the 2020 presidential election, the fundraising numbers of the candidates for the third quarter has been released. According to an analysis by RentHop, Brooklyn’s highest number of donations were for Bernie Sanders, with a total of 1,348 unique donations, amounting to $348,263.64, and Elizabeth Warren comes in second with 1,072 unique donations, but with a larger amount of raised funds, a total of $418,565.74.

The unique donation counts help understand the amount of support each candidate is receiving, instead of equating the dollar amount to success. Buttigieg came in third in Brooklyn with a total of 512 unique donations and a total of $284,449.59 raised, while Trump follows with 437 donations and a total of $156,595.16.

Graph of Brooklyn unique donations. Courtesy of RentHop.

South Brooklyn led in donations to Trump, with Bay Ridge’s zip code 11209 backing the current president with the the largest donations of $19,889 by 45 backers. Sheepshead Bay’s 11235 led with most unique donations at 46, with a total of $14,813.

Warren led in unique donations in Gowanus and Park Slope (11215) with $74,000 raised, Boerum Hill (11217) with $56,670 raised, Red Hook (11231) with $33,942 raised, and Prospect Heights and Clinton Hill (11238) with $49,454 raised. In Downtown Brooklyn (11201), Warren had most unique donations at 154, however Buttigieg led with the cash amount, a total of $90,798.

Donor share between Republican and Democrat parties. Courtesy of RentHop.

Sanders led by unique donations and cash amount in many zip codes from Green Point to East New York;  the largest surge came from Williamsburg’s zip code 11211 with 81 donations with a total of  $21,644, followed by Greenpoint (11222) with 80 backers with a total of $21,426 and overall strong support from Northern and Eastern Brooklyn, including Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Crown Heights.

Want a closer look? Check out this interactive map and see who your neighbors are endorsing with their financial donations.