Brooklyn COVID19 Numbers – Can We Make It To Thanksgiving?

Brooklyn COVID19 Numbers – Can We Make It To Thanksgiving?
Credit: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office.

Cases in the city have doubled in the last two weeks.

Brooklyn’s number of cases has also increased significantly in the last two weeks, but not quite as fast. On November 1, we had 208 confirmed cases, yesterday – 315, two residents of the borough died. Queens is leading the city in the number of cases with 419 recorded yesterday, one death.

Citywide, the number of reported cases yesterday on a 7-day average was 1,057, according to the Mayor. Governor gave 1,285 as the daily number.

The percentages are below 3% that triggers school closures so that school will remain open tomorrow. According to the mayor, the daily percentage positive was 1.68%, and the 7-day rolling average 2.77%.

The following weekend numbers are from the Governor:

Record numbers of people are taking the tests, leading to long lines and potentially an increase in response times to deliver results. Mayor said 75,000 people got tested on Friday, the highest number yet.

Brooklyn’s orange cluster is still above 3.5%, and the state has not released the yellow cluster data for Brooklyn for over a week now (we asked).

At the press conference, most of the questions were about keeping schools open or closed, with no meaningful answers or promises to parents of kids with special needs who desperately need schools to remain open. It remains unclear how many students were opted into blended learning.

Pleas were issued by all officials urging no travel or extended family gatherings, with the additional recommendation that you wear a mask indoors whenever you are not just with your immediate family.

If all goes well, maybe, just maybe, schools could remain open till Thanksgiving.