Brooklyn COVID-19 Numbers & More

Fewer people have been getting tested since the big pre-Thanksgiving rush in the city, and Brooklyn at large is no longer an outlier – our numbers are steadily going up. Of the 18,455 Brooklyn resident test results, 646 were reported positive yesterday, or 3.5%.

New York City’s current 7-day rolling average according to the state is 2.92%. Across the city, 63,194 residents were tested, and 2,504 were positive on Sunday.  Numbers for individual day reported infection rates were 2.9% on Friday, 3.4% on Saturday, and 3.9% on Sunday.

In Brooklyn, those percentages were 2.9%, 2.9%, and 3.5% for a 7-day average of 2.72%

Across the Brooklyn Yellow Zone (Ocean Parkway Cluster) the rates are up – the current 7-day rolling average is at 5.73%, up steadily and significantly from a week ago when it was at 3.92%, data from the New York State show.

Statewide, there were 54 deaths reported yesterday. Six of them were residents of the Bronx, and four of Brooklyn.

Mayor Bill de Blasio informed that the daily number of people admitted to New York City hospitals for suspected COVID-19 is at 96 patients, 47.06% confirmed positivity.

Now, if you traveled for Thanksgiving, we hope you will follow the guidance from the State on testing or quarantining.

“If you went through the procedure to test out of quarantine, that meant you got a test wherever you traveled to. You’re going to get another test now upon your return within the right time frame. If you go through all that, you get negative tests, that’s great. You don’t have to quarantine,” Mayor reinforced this morning. “But for everyone who doesn’t do that, you do have to quarantine.”

The city is making testing easier as well. People do not wish to wait in long lines to get tested, so the Health + Hospitals will be posting updates three times a day on Twitter at @NYCHealthSystem for each site. Mayor also announced that will allow you to check the wait times at 51 Health + Hospitals sites starting today.

If you test positive, you can get help to isolate so that you do not infect other members of your household.

“COVID-19 transmission is common in households, and it happens fast among families and roommates who are living together,” Amanda Johnson, Director of Take Care New York said at the press conference this morning. “Emerging evidence from the CDC shows us that the vast majority of secondary infections occur within the first five days. Household transmissions will continue to be a significant factor in the spread of COVID-19 here in New York City where people live together in small spaces, and where we are going to be spending even more time indoors as we approach the colder months.”

At least one in five cases across the city seems to be due to household transmission, Johnson said, urging residents not to wait. “If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19, don’t wait, separate. The Take Care program can help you with either a free hotel room, which includes free meals, medication delivery, and onsite clinical supports. Or the resources that you need to safely separate at home. Call 2-1-2-COVID-19 for assistance now.”

As of today, more than 3,000 New Yorkers have taken the city up on the offer of a free hotel room, and Test+Trace teams have sent over 65,000 Take Care packages to people’s homes, in addition to helping them connect to resources such as food, medication delivery, including methadone delivery, medical care, and paid sick leave.

The Tree: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be lit on Wednesday, December 2nd, live and on television. For those wishing to see the tree in person, there’s going to be a lot of specific rules in place to make it safer through a timed socially distanced approach.