Brooklyn COVID-19 Numbers – Boro Park and East NY Rising

Brooklyn COVID-19 Numbers – Boro Park and East NY Rising

The rates keep rising. The Mayor thinks there is still time to stop the second wave in the city, but that would mean everyone getting with the program on social distancing and face coverings, a task that has proved challenging.

According to the NY State data, Brooklyn had 17,228 individuals tested yesterday, 11/9, and of those 328 were positive for COVID19, for a positivity rate borough-wide of 1.9%, which is the same as the 7-day average, but a steady increase from the days before.

Over the last week, new cases in Brooklyn seem to hover at above 300 a day rate. Sunday it was 331, Saturday – 349. The 7-day infection rate has gone up from 1.6% to 1.7% to 1.9% over just the last few days. Where over the summer number of cases was under 100, September’s numbers were in the 100, October in 200 a day and now we are already steady in the 300 a day territory. Deaths remain among the highest in the city but still thankfully in single digits.

Zipcode-wise, southern Brooklyn still has higher rates, and most people testing positive, with 11230, 11219 – sadly again –  in the lead, but 11211 and 11223 are not far off, and 11208 is a new concern. Check yours here.

Via NYC DOH on 11/10/20

Citywide, according to the Mayor, they are seeing increased positivity among people admitted to the hospitals, and both number of people hospitalized and hospitalized for COVID19 is rising. Today the Mayor reported 92 patients, 29.4% positive.

He said the number of cases increasing citywide is of “tremendous concern,” especially the increase in the 7-day averages. Remember – if the city goes above 3% schools are likely to be closed again. Today Mayor reported 2.88% of those tested – tested positive, while the 7-day average is at 2.31%. On 7-day average we are seeing 795 cases.

“If we do the work possible for all of us to do, we can turn this back, but this is a warning sign if ever I’ve seen one that we have some work to do quickly to make sure the city stays safe and we do not have that second wave,” de Blasio said urging caution over the holiday season.