Brooklyn Coronavirus Briefing March 11: Keep Calm And Carry On?

Brooklyn Coronavirus Briefing March 11: Keep Calm And Carry On?


The number of confirmed cases in Brooklyn still stands at 6, but it is most likely much higher. As of early this morning, the city had confirmed 10 additional cases, by 3 pm that number was up to 16, according to the Governor, bringing the total confirmed cases in NYC to 52. We have calls out to all agencies and will update with latest as soon as we know.

Meanwhile, the city is continuing to gamble that “keep calm and carry on” is the right approach, even as you can feel the pulse of Brooklyn slowing — and a lot of service jobs going away with it.

  • Eater reports that the Sunset Park restaurant business has gotten a lot worse since we last wrote about it in late February: “Several of the biggest and most popular dim sum restaurants and Cantonese banquet halls in Sunset Park have closed this week in light of novel coronavirus fears.”
  • If you’re looking to Seamless some dumplings, Rachel recommended the best.
  • The Brooklyn Quilt Show at Industry City has been postponed.
  • St. Joseph’s College has canceled classes “out of an abundance of caution,” as we approach a situation where only CUNY remains open.
  • The half marathon is off.
  • The Brooklyn Hospital Center is treating a patient, and respecting confidentiality.
  • Employers are asked to allow people who can to work remotely and to stagger shifts and hours for those who have to be present.
  • Community Board 6 has canceled board meetings until further notice: “Tomorrow’s [03/11/2020] Brooklyn Community Board 6 General Board meeting will be postponed until further notice. This decision was made based on feedback from board members, indicating that we would not have achieved quorum. By law, there can be no action taken in the absence of a quorum. Given members’ health concerns and the fact that there is nothing time-sensitive on the agenda, there is no reason to cajole our volunteers to attend,” CB6 Chair Peter Fleming and Manager Michael Racioppo emailed last night.
  • Parent-teacher conferences are to be had over phone, but students are still expected to attend public schools.
  • Purim, however, is going on, at the Chabad Lubavitch HQ in Crown Heights, Todd Maisel reports, with hand sanitizer and stern warnings from rabbis, and a lot of faith: “Of course we get together for Purim, and we can’t be afraid to be together as a Jewish community. This is the source of our strength to be together,”  one worshipper, Shmuli Bronstein, said. “If we get this virus, may be we just get sick God willing. But if we die, it’s God’s will.”
  • St. Patrick’s Day parade has been canceled. s have not been canceled either, but it is likely it will be canceled by end of today. If you are at elevated risk, you should stay away regardless. The illness is particularly hard on those with heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, cancer, and compromised immune systems, especially if you are also over 50, officials say.

The Governor also announced the State University of New York and the City University of New York will implement plans to maximize distance learning and reduce in-person classes, beginning March 19th, for the remainder of the Spring semester. Distance learning and other options will be developed by campuses.

Governor also announced the state will guarantee two full weeks of paid leave for all state workers who are subject to a mandatory or precautionary order of quarantine as a result of the coronavirus. Employees will not have to charge accruals during the time taken off work for quarantine. This will apply to all state employees, regardless of civil service classification, bargaining unit, and regardless of part-time or accrual status.

  • MTA says it is cleaning and sanitizing all stations twice a day now.

Meanwhile, the jokes on social media are getting a little darker: