Brooklyn Bridge in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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If you were passing by the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s BLDG 92 on Flushing Avenue yesterday, you may have noticed a familiar-looking structure occupying the eastern end of its yard. That elongated structure was a scale wooden model of the Brooklyn Bridge. Staff from ConstructionKids, an organization that teaches kids how to use various tools and building resources, worked to erect the miniature icon this week in advance of a lesson at the Brooklyn School of Inquiry in Bensonhurst next Tuesday morning.

ConstructionKids president Deb Winsor, whose organization moved into a second-floor workspace in BLDG 92 last July, said that the dry run allowed she and staff members Ingrid Aravena and Jared Vazales to “double-check stuff” before the school visit. After all, the model isn’t a museum piece, she said, adding that second graders at BSI will walk across the bridge after they finish building it.

Winsor said that students have already learned about the bridge’s tower, roadway and cables. She also revealed that an actress playing Emily Roebling, the first person to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, will arrive onsite to examine the students’ work after they’re done.

Wonder if she’ll bring a live rooster along, as in 1883.

ConstructionKids hosts an array of local summer programming, including one-day workshops. Visit for more information.