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R.I.P. Brooklyn Aviators, No Hockey in Brooklyn This Year


Professional hockey in Brooklyn is no more!

After two seasons at Floyd Bennett Field, the Brooklyn Aviators have folded due to financial issues.

The team’s owners are looking for “alternative sources of income,” according to Brooklyn Daily, who first reported the news.

A spokesperson for the Aviator facility confirmed to Sheepshead Bites that the Brooklyn team folded, and its slot will be filled by a franchise in Dayton, Ohio. The team’s Wikipedia entry has already been updated to reflect the disbandment of the Aviators, and the Aviator’s website now redirects to the website of the Dayton Devils.

Rob Miller, who coached the team to the the Finals during it’s inaugural 2010-2011 season, signed a contract with the Augusta RiverHawks, a member of the Southern Professional Hockey League.

“It was fun. It gave me my first opportunity to coach professional hockey, it’s got a little place in my heart for sure,” Miller said, adding he plans to bring several of his former Aviator players along with him to Georgia.

The Brooklyn Aviators debuted in 2009 as part of the North East Professional Hockey League and moved to the newly formed FHL in 2010. Their 2010-2011 season was highlighted by a 21-game winning streak and a trip to the championship.


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  1. there wasn’t enough PR.. I live well within the area of Floyd Bennett and like Hockey and MIGHT have gone to a game or two but I never even KNEW Brooklyn HAD a Hockey team

  2. Agreed, bad PR.  Also: “who coached the team to the the Finals during ITS inaugural”.  ITS, not IT’S (otherwise known as “it is”).

  3. I wouldn’t worry about this demise too much. Brooklyn, as we all know is a First Class place, and deserves more of a quality Hockey team…Anyway, within five years, expect the Islanders to make Barclay’s home! Now, if only we can replace the very minor league Brooklyn Cyclones, and bring that team still in the Major Leagues, The Dodgers, back to their namesake, Homeland! We can dream, can’t we?!

  4. Hate to sound ill-informed, but was this an ice hockey club or roller hockey or what?  I dont think they did much community outreach and/or advertising in The Bites, did they?

  5. Aviators hockey was great i went to about 30 games in the two years it was here and had a great time always. the staff and bartenders were great. It didnt hurt that i lived 5 minutes from the arena. I will miss it very much

  6. Seemed to me like they had good PR.  The club was only in its second year in the FHL and saw attendance jump pretty nicely, just going off the stats pages from the FHL.  They were covered in Brooklyn Daily, some blogs, and made a couple appearances on local TV. And you cant forget last season when they got a name drop on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  I wont just blame it on all PR b/c a couple of people havent heard about it.  If ownership has a different idea then what can you do?  BTW, they are not relocating to Dayton, and who cites Wiki anyway? Bummer – seemed like it can be a good form of winter entertainment.  


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