When “Brooklyn 11223” Airs Tonight, Opponents May Tune In

Despite having misgivings about the trashy, exploitative reality TV show Brooklyn 11223 airing tonight on Oxygen, some Bay Ridgites admit to being intrigued as to how their neighborhood will be depicted – a curiosity that a recent outcry against the show may have helped create, according to an article on WNYC.org.

Biana Valenzano, who grew up in Bensonhurst and lives in Bay Ridge, was one of the local women business owners and community leaders who spoke out against the show at a February press conference organized by Councilman Vincent Gentile. The event also featured other local pols, such as State Senator Diane Savino and Borough President Marty Markowitz’s chief policy adviser Carlo Scissura.

While Valenzano doesn’t approve of the television series’ emphasis on Italian-American stereotypes, or its fugazi Gravesend zip code, she now says the press conference may not have been the best way to lessen the show’s popularity – and might have even added to it.

Valenzano told WNYC that some feel Brooklyn 11223‘s detractors could have been more successful ignoring its premiere rather than publicly speaking against it – which resulted in some pretty priceless local publicity for the show’s producers.

“Some people have said we should just stop talking about it and let it die down,” said Valenzano.

Valenzano admitted to being somewhat intrigued about the program, albeit in a cynical sort of way.

“It’s kinda like a train wreck,” she said. “You have to slow down to see what’s going on.”

What do you think?

Were local critics right in voicing their opinions? Or would they have been better off just ignoring the show?