Bris Bandits! Thieves Steal From Ceremony For Councilman Nelson's Relative


I have nothing to say about this.

A shameless Bonnie and Clyde team clipped a bunch of teddy bear centerpieces Friday from a sacred circumcision ceremony hosted by a Brooklyn city councilman, police said.
The daring theft came following the religious ceremony, called a bris, on Avenue T in Brooklyn for the 8-day-old twin grandchildren of Councilman Michael Nelson and his wife, Maureen.
“It really hurt a beautiful affair,” said the Sheepshead Bay councilman. “Everything was going so nicely.”
The brazen theft came as close to 100 guests ate in the ground-floor catering hall of the synagogue that hosted the bris.
Working together, the woman entered the catering hall and began collecting donations for charity while the man gathered the balloons and teddy bears that made up the centerpieces and took them upstairs.
“My wife asked me who they were,” Nelson said. “But I tried to be a nice guy and let them stay.”
Nelson said guests figured the pair were with the caterers, while the caterers assumed they were family members.
… Not only was the sticky-fingered partycrasher seen on video as he fled with the bears, but he left behind other gifts that included envelopes stuffed with cash.
Cops were examining the video to take a look at the uninvited guest, who Nelson said was wearing a yarmulke. His female accomplice was in traditional black garb, he said.

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