Bring A Touch Of Mother Nature To Our Airports


Jamaica Bay is one of Mother Nature’s precious jewels, filling our lives with wondrous natural fauna and cute little baby ducks.

An airport is the polar opposite.

Airports are environmental hazard zones, spewing pollution, chemicals and other toxins into the wide-open spaces they have trampled in their wake. There isn’t much to be done to fight the necessary evil that airports bring to the environment, but the Wild Wilderness Project is doing its best to bring environmental awareness into the airports themselves, according to a report by E Magazine.

The Wild Wilderness Project’s goal is to broadcast the “pulse of nature” surrounding airports into the complexes themselves. For example, they recently set up shop at the Mineta San Jose Airport in California’s Silicon Valley, filling the facility with large and beautiful real-time images of local wilderness that surrounds the airport.

The presentation isn’t just installed for aesthetic reasons. Scientists and programmers behind the project are studying and marking down the effects that climate change has on the region, and synthesizing the results via time-lapse photography for traveling passengers, bringing a critical sense of environmental awareness to peoples’ psyches.

“The project isn’t really about the raw statistics of climate change, such as carbon dioxide emissions,” project artist Freya Bardell told E Magazine. “We’re more about capturing nature’s pulse and making that pulse accessible to the public.”

It’s a fascinating work that would be perfect for JFK Airport, especially considering its proximity to the wonders of Jamaica Bay. As we recently reported, the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is holding its own photo exhibit documenting the impact of Superstorm Sandy on the region, highlighting the fast-evolving impact that the environment is having on the region.

It would be interesting if the Wild Wilderness Project could coordinate with the Wildlife Refuge and broadcast the results straight into the airport, bringing awareness to the millions of people that use JFK every year.

I think it’s a good idea – do you?


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