Brighton Beach Show Still Hunting Ruskies

The infamous Brighton Beach show, whose existence we originally uncovered back in February, is extending their casting deadline and updated some rules, according to their Facebook Page.

The “Russian Jersey Shore” is apparently delving deep into its pool of candidates to find very special toolbags like this guy. But it seems the delays are starting to shake the faiths of its fickle fans. Above is just a small sample of reader comments who are now questioning whether the show will be made. Others can’t quite figure out why there’s a shortage of over-the-top characters to choose from, and at least one offers a suggestion of where to look:

they want russians that act like retarded guidos and are havin trouble finding them?…..strange…I see em in El Greco all the time ….

But we were told back in February that any deal with broadcasters would be contingent on the cast, so it may just be the producer’s high and noble idea of putting together a diverse and culturally revealing cast has been shot down. As some commenters suggested on past articles, the channels could be pressuring the producers to get stereotype-enforcing loudmouths.

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