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Brighton Beach School Pioneers New Teacher Evaluation System

P.S. 100 (Source:

Public School 100, The Coney Island School, actually in Brighton Beach at 2951 West 3rd Street, is testing a new evaluation system that may be implemented nationwide in the future.

The Charlotte Danielson framework evaluation process helps teachers and administrators in recognizing good teaching habits. It runs on a basis of 22 teaching strategies teachers must practice.

Because the current teacher evaluation method has shown inconclusive results, placing valuable teachers at the bottom of the city’s teacher data report, the Danielson evaluation system is being considered as a future addition to teacher evaluations.

If this change were to occur, 40 percent of the evaluation will focus on children’s test scores and the other 60 percent will work similar to what Principal Katherine Moloney has already begun practicing at P.S. 100, observing teachers at work.

The Danielson framework evaluation was recently tested in Chicago schools and the reports showed lower rankings than those previously published. An eight percent plunge was recorded, but Danielson stands by her new method, stating it is meant for improvement, recognizing the areas an individual could use help.

Learn more about the program’s test drive at this local school over at The New York Times.

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  1. Katherine Gonzalez   West 3rd St. is NOT BRIGHTON BEACH.  I should know, cause I grew up there and attended PS 100.  So, I suggest you look at a map and get your facts straight, before you write your stories. PS 100’s zip code is 11224, Brighton Beach zip code is 11235.

    You are wrong.  I am right.  CASE CLOSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You r right geographically but wrong according to the Board of Ed, which classifies it as a Brighton school. U could have made your point in a less rude way, friend.

    I am a graduate of ps 100 too.

  3. JULIEJARED, Katherine Gonzalez is CORRECT! West 3rd is “WEST BRIGHTON”, a neighborhood that borders Brighton to it’s east and Coney Island to it’s west.  West Brighton starts at Ocean Parkway and heads west to West Fifth Street.
    One knows better then to go by ZIP Codes because many neighborhoods cut through each other.  Go take some city planning courses.

  4. Mr.Nice Guy, you are also wrong.  Brighton Beach is 11235 and PS 100 is in 11224.
    So how can Katerine Gonzalez be right?  So, now they have stretched Brighton Beach and now call it West Brighton.  Wonder what idiot thought of that.  ROFLMAO.  Surprised, that west of Ocean Parkway isn’t called Sheepshead Bay, since years ago, before Trump Village and Warbasse were built, there was a SHEEPSHEAD BAY ROAD there.   ONCE AGAIN, CASE CLOSED !!!!!


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