Brighton Beach Garbage? Maybe Sanitation Is Drunk…

The photos in this post were taken by reader BrooklynBus on a couple of recent Sundays. They’re all set on Brighton Beach Avenue, so at least we can feel better knowing that our misery has some company. (Actually, our other misery has company, too: car break-ins are on the rise in Brighton Beach.)

Pickups along Brighton Beach Avenue occur on Mondays, so with the good weather and the holiday weekend drawing people to the streets, the neighborhood is going to look pretty foul come Monday. But making matters worse is that Monday is Memorial Day, meaning an extra day (or more) until Sanitation comes, allowing this gunk to stew in the summer heat a little longer.

What’s hard to believe is that “Little Odessa” is increasingly touted as a rising tourist destination. But they wouldn’t let this shit happen in Times Square or Washington Square Park, would they?

Where is Sanitation in all this? Maybe they’re also enjoying the good weather, tossing back beers on the beach. Just this past Sunday, police arrested Sanitation employee Peter Steffen on Brighton 7th Street and Shore Parkway (also the site of those dreaded rats) for driving recklessly. Turns out he was drunk.

Maybe seeing the overflowing garbage cans on Sunday along Brighton Beach Avenue made him realize what an abject failure his department is and he had to drown the pain.


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