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Oceana Developer Takes Over Sheepshead Bay Road “Station Plaza” Site, Plans Residential Complex

The approximately footprint of the combined properties now owned by Muss Development. (Source: Google Maps)
The approximately footprint of the combined properties now owned by Muss Development. (Source: Google Maps)

Muss Development, the developer that built and manages Brighton Beach’s Oceana Condominium complex, has snapped up a sprawling 87,500-square-foot development site on Sheepshead Bay Road that was previously slated to become a mall – and they’ve announced plans to make it fully residential.

The deal was done in two parts, with Muss teaming up with AvalonBay Communities to purchase 1501 Voorhies Avenue, currently the vacant lot adjacent to the subway station that was once occupied by Verizon, at $16.2 million. In a separate deal, Muss acquired for $4 million the attached property at 1600 Sheepshead Bay Road at East 16th Street, where Citibank and several vacant storefronts are currently located.

These are properties with a back story.

The sites were sold by Acadia Realty Trust, which purchased them for $20.3 million in 2008. Acadia, in partnership with PA Associates had planned a two-building complex dubbed Station Plaza that included a 22-story mixed-use tower. There was to be mall with four floors of shopping, a new public street that cut through the property at East 16th Street, and more than 650 parking spaces – anchored by 16 floors of residential condominiums.

A rendering of the four-story mall previously planned for this location. A 16-story tower would have been perched atop this.
A rendering of the four-story mall previously planned for this location. A 16-story tower would have been perched atop this.

That was the plan, until the economy tanked and PA Associates were tied up with former State Senator Carl Kruger in a corruption scandal. Even before all that, we noted that the ambitious plan was a long way from becoming a reality.

Muss Development is looking to ditch the mall idea altogether, and make the larger property, the Verizon lot, fully residential. It will be split between condominiums and rental units, according to Commercial Observer, and can be built up to 250,000 square feet. It’s not yet clear how tall that would be, but the previously planned 22-story tower was one of the few that could be built in the area without seeking approval from the community due to the immense size of the lot. So while the new owners will not be able to build quite as tall, they can still make a good reach for the sky.

It’s unclear what the plans are for the Sheepshead Bay Road site, which currently has 4,000 square feet of retail and 9,000 square feet of commercial space.

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  1. I’m all for this development… but before breaking the ground they need to make sure the infrastructure can handle the additional pedestrian and vehicular traffic. As it is now there’s constant traffic in that area and on SB Road, who think this development will not cause a huge issue?
    We need wider than 1 lane roads, bigger sidewalks, more school seats etc… I know the developers are not concerned about anything but profit but we must be as residents of the area.

  2. I wonder what impact this will have on B36 and B 49 bus service in that area. It sure gets crowded during the AM and PM rushhours, don’t it? And add ridership to the B and Q at SB Road. I wonder what our Boro Pres has to opine on this? Ned, ask him.

  3. ANd just who can afford to live here? since the others that he built were selling for over a million, us poor slobs won’t be living there

  4. Without a HUGE parking structure, this would be a disaster. The whole area was developed before every family had a car, and with the current population density, you can’t move on SB Road as it is. Add a mall like this, and “kablooey!”

  5. The article does mention 650 parking spaces so I didn’t even mention parking in my post above. I’m afraid the local politicians will justify those spaces as “sufficient” to handle additional traffic but it’s not about the spaces. We need 3 lanes on Voorhies now, 1 lane to accept traffic from the highway, 1 lane for regular traffic and 1 lane dedicated to this mall/condo they are trying to build. Also getting to the mall via SB Road is gonna be a disaster since that and Voorhies are practically the only way in. E 14 is not a viable access point since there’s no left turn at Voorhies there. This whole plan will create a giant mess every minute of the day that we will have to deal with. Let them widen the roads in the 5 block radius then I’ll be on board with their plan.

  6. The mall and parking spaces were part of the PREVIOUS PLAN, which was SCRAPPED. No details yet about the new plan, except that it will be residential, and likely very tall.

  7. I don’t think that’s physically possible. You’d have to knock down the buildings to widen the streets at this point. Bad plan altogether.

  8. I think residential property is a bad idea because imagine living by the train tracks hearing train every few minutes. Its very annoying. You try tog et a good nights and you hear trains

  9. So Sheepshead Bay loses even the potential for a needed commercial revitalization and expanded shopping opportunities so that a wealthy elite can live in the middle of a congested area, next to a noisy subway line, albeit with, for some, a view of the bay from a building clearly out of character for this low rise neighborhood? If any good does come of this, perhaps there will be a few more retail amenities to serve the new residents. But, as more residential space continues to be carved from the community’s commercial heart, the loss of jobs and retail income to the local economy will become irreversible.

  10. I live across the street from the lot where this will all take place, and have been dreading this day for years. Parking for residents around my building is practically non-existent as it is– once I’m parked on Sunday night, that’s it, it doesn’t move all week. People come to park here to go to the gym and if they find a spot, they’re taking it away from residents. Of course the politicians don’t care about our quality of life and it will only get worse when this construction begins. Maybe I’ll get out before it ever starts! and, it will probably be then that pedestrian traffic on Voorhies will be addressed; I told Cymbrowitz face to face how bad it is here, that we take our lives in our hands trying to cross between cars, as vehicular traffic westbound on Voorhies is never ending. Wasted my breath on him, will not vote to get Cymbrowitz re-elected!!

  11. I agree with the comments everyone before me had made. All valid concerns: parking, traffic, congestion, widening of Sheepshead Bay Rd., etc., etc., etc.

    But honestly to me, the area between Jerome Ave. up to and including Bay Pizza on both sides of the street has to be the seediest area of the bay. I just can’t imagine anyone wanting to live in that area with the cast of characters that hang out there, along with the constant noise of the trains and the traffic.

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  13. Muss is trying to replicate the success of Oceana on which they made billions, but it is not going to be possible with this project. The main advantage of Oceana is that is’s a gated beach-front community that offers resort resemblancе. Will these train-surrounded condos sell out ? For sure. Will they cause the same splash that Oceana did? Highly doubted

  14. You did not make payoffs like the Musses did.. Silly little person, you do not matter. When you make $50 or $60 Million in medicaid fraud, white slaving, arms trafficking and can afford to pay the “elected officials” their going rates, someone might pay attention to you then.

    The good news is English won’t be spoken anywhere near this site soon and the traffic will go on for miles. Welcome to the future that corruption brings to NY.

  15. Oceana buildings were PRE FAB. Wonder if they are going to go the cheap route in Sheepshead and build these high buildings that most probably would not last nearly as long as buildings that were built from the bottom up, like MUSS built the SEACOAST TOWERS AND SEACOAST TERRACE buildings.

  16. I’m not sure if the tenants of this development would be subway riders. Now BMWs…

  17. I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind would oppose this, that area of s-bay is ratfest! This will turn a hideous lot of land into a much needed centrally located residential building. This area mostly has stinky old coops, lacking any modern facilities like a gym, pool, terraces, doorman. A mall idea with cafes, and restaurants and shops would’ve made it terrific. Although admittedly a better location for this would’ve been the El Greco site.

  18. The plan to cut through East 16 Street made sense and would have alleviated one of the parking problems. E 16 would have gone south and Sheepshead Bay Road our have been converted to a one way northbound north of Shore Parkway if the directions were reversed on E 14 Street and the Shore Parkway North service road west of Sheepshead Bay Road.

    More density without street changes spells disaster and more congestion. Then the city wonders where did all the traffic come from after they approve bad plans. Then everyone starts blaming the motorists for the congestion.

  19. Damn auto correct. I meant to say “alleviated some of the traffic problems”, not ” one of the parking problems.”.

  20. Nobody is denying it’s a good idea but without beefing up the infrastructure — roads, parking, schools, transportation first this is going to be a disaster. But nobody thinks ahead of time when there’s money to be made. As of now the SB Road and Voorhies can’t even handle the current traffic, imagine adding another couple of thousand people with cars into the mix.

  21. What part of the complex was prefab? Each one of those buildings was formed and cast in place concrete. Then finished like any other modern residential building.

  22. Hey! What’s the matter with the cast of characters that hang out there?

    Stop being a hater and save up for a down payment so you can hang with us . . . uhhhhm . . . I mean them.

  23. Borough Presidents are influential, but not all powerful. The real question is “What does our mayor think”? I think I know the answer and it is not the one we want to hear.

    The faces change but they just keep singing the same tired song.

  24. Roman my cousin! You have to realize that the infrastructure in the area cannot handle it. Schools private or public are already overcrowding. Roads, whether we’ll need them in the future or not, is gridlock on Sheepshead Bay Rd. already. Imagine when they build this thing. Also it’ll turn out to be an eyesore since the developers don’t care for neighborhood charm. Imagine a mini glass skyscraper in the middle of row houses and one and two family homes. It just doesn’t go… The mall idea if you read correctly, isn’t going to happen. It is now strictly residential (so apartments only). This is what major developers do. They subtly promise ammenities for the community at first, so the people living nearby will want them to build and then they change the plans without telling anyone (Thanks for Ned and Sbay Bites for keeping tabs on this project), do a switcheroo and make it how they see they can grab the most cash screwing the community at large over.

    Best bet it’ll be prefab structure with a glass (downtown Brooklyn-look) facade and it’ll most likely ruin Sheepshead Bay

  25. Yeah because they did all that for Oceana in Brighton. You won’t get any of that making comments here. Start a Community Benefits Agreement and make it happen

  26. This giant complex is a 1 & 2 bedroom with no large apartments,with a gym & pool, and what a great view ,the roofs of the stores below,the parking lot across the street, and rats from the subway. Let the super rich fools buy.

  27. I see from this Google picture- empty rooftops. More “residential taxpayers” can be added to these rooftops. Jock aside, the developers attempting to “milk” this area for what it is “worth”. High priced real-estate dictates building large and subdivide for max. profit. Stores are worthless. You can’t sell them you rent them. City will earn more tax revenue from residential rather than commercial area.

  28. It is no question in my mind, the old infrastructure must go. Unfortunately, City planers do not care to sustain the original area’s character or to maintain our quality of life. The result will be the same repeated over and over again. From massive overcrowding the wealthy will leave the area subletting their property to “lesser off” crowd, turning this area in to a dangerous ghetto.

  29. There’s no edict that says everyone needs to live along a subway right of way. They can choose to live further away.

    Some might consider it very desirable, you have a short walk to the subway in the winter. There’s a rental boom in Bushwick for this reason.

  30. What the community should advocate for is elevator access to sheepshead bay road station dropping the elevators from above . Allow the developer to build over the train tracks

  31. District 21 actually has many empty school seats especially in the elementary schools. It is one of the less utilized districts

  32. As for the subway service , run trains from Brighton beach up the f or n line supper express during rush hour to move riders off the Brighton. On another note we could greatly improve mass transit in Brooklyn if we ran our subway lines through Coney Island as loops . This would improve travel times and take stress off the bus system. The track connections all exist

  33. Our mayor is a clown who has been an ineffective slacker at all previous jobs . Who care what he thinks

  34. Sold for over a million to area residents. This means more tax dollars for all. More housing means less demand for other housing. $500 or more per month in your rent goes to city real estate taxes. The more high end homes, the less pressure to increase your taxes. The mayor has already spent money that assumes a huge increase in tax revenue. We need these develop elements to keep nyc from becoming more unaffordable. You don’t realize all the Nicole and dime extra taxes we pay (directly or indirectly) in Brooklyn that the rest of the nation does not pay. Electricity triple rate in Tampa , most of the increase taxes and indirect costs on utility assessed by local gvt. $60 per truck going over mta bridges shows up in food prices, mta 2% mortgage recording tax (that’s $20,000 on a million) . The list goes on and on

  35. shpshd bay road today is a nightmare of congestion. besides buses running right on the narrow 2 way street, UPS trucks daily park illegally,half on and half off the curb.
    other trucks make deliveries, passenger cars double park routinely and one small municipal lot is full of cars most of the time. tickets for expired meters are constant and do little to stop drivers from doing as they please.
    a shopping center inside the vacant lot is the solution to all this chaos.To just add more apartments and more cars pouring out of private lots onto public streets already overflowing,is exactly what brooklyn developers are famous for.

    the main supermarket,Stop and Shop, is already very crowded,as are stores and restaurants. Lines waiting for everything,in banks, drug stores,car wash etc. is common. Seems like all this is about to get much worse,until people start to flee the miserable quality of life,begin selling and taking less and less and less.

    And this doesn’t even take into account the tourists coming to Emmons ave and the fisherman going out on boats. The greedy sell high, make their millions and create an unliveable place that civilized folk cannot bear.
    welcome to the world of the Un-Planned community,where everything goes,crime explodes, air and water quality deteriorates, schools descend into chaos and services all but disappear. Just go into the US Post Office near Ave.Z,near the Chase Bank(one of two),and stand and stand and stand on line with all the others, clueless as to why everything around them just sucks.

  36. there is already a giant mess on shpshd bay road. when places like 7Eleven and MacDonalds move out,because,in part, they faced the subway station daily populated by drunks and panhandlers,some of whom entered their stores.streets are loaded with garbage, filth is everywhere, flooding when it rains, long lines of riders coming off the Q line,standing and waiting,forever,for a bus to get them out of Shpshd Bay. can’t blame them.

  37. […] Muss Development and AvalonBay, the development team behind the planned 280,000-square-foot, 333-foot tall proposal, briefed community stakeholders at an off-the-record, behind-closed-doors meeting a week before Sheepshead Bites shed light on the plans. Several people at the meeting shared details with this publication on the condition of anonymity, since the meeting was considered a courtesy and not required by the developer. […]


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