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Brighton Beach Boardwalk Shooter Convicted, Faces 125 Years To Life

The aftermath of the 2011 shooting, which happened in front of Tatiana’s Restaurant on the Brighton Beach boardwalk.

Iloune Driver, one of two suspected gunmen behind the 2011 Brighton Beach boardwalk shooting that left 16-year-old Tysha Jones dead, has been found guilty and faces 125 years to life behind bars.

Tysha Jones was a junior at Norman Thomas High School and lived in a Harlem apartment with her mother, Cynthia, her brother and sister, according to friends.
Tysha Jones (via Twitter)

Driver, 21, was convicted yesterday for his role in the June 9, 2011, melee, which broke out after two rival gangbangers from the Bloods and Crips exchanged heated words, then opened fire on a boardwalk crowded with teens and beachgoers on the hottest day of the year.

Driver is a former Crips member, and the New York Post reports that he has nine prior busts for gun, drug and robbery charges. He has been convicted on four counts of assault in addition to the second-degree murder charge. Sentencing will take place next month, and he will face 25 years to life for the count of murder, and 25 years for each assault.

None of the five people struck by bullets were believed to be involved in the incident.

“My baby can rest in peace now,” Tysha Jones’ 51-year-old mother, Cynthia, told the Post.

During the trial, Driver’s attorney argued that video  filmed in the immediate aftermath of the shooting provides evidence that flies in the face of the witnesses’ statements that Driver fired from the beach. The video, he said, shows him on the boardwalk, scrambling for cover.

The jury disagreed.

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  1. That doesn’t mean there was no evidence, just no ballistic evidence. If you kept reading that article you would have seen that 2 witnesses identified him as the shooter.

  2. If you thought the guy was wrongfully accused, wouldn’t you want Al Sharpton or anyone to speak out? Why would Al Sharpton knowing that be bad?

  3. So 2 witnesses that contradict video evidence is enough to convict someone with nothing else. He might be guilty but you have to prove that he is. From what they have shown there is no actual proof.

  4. By the way you say if i kept reading i would have seen it, The info is the last line so i guess i read the whole thing wise guy.

  5. The video doesn’t contradict the witnesses that identified him as the shooter. It contradicts the witnesses who said that shots were fired from the beach because it shows him on the boardwalk.

  6. Sorry my acc was bugged, i dunno who wrote that, but i tried to delete since it wasn’t me.

    Also, it doesn’t make sense what this person wrote…. However i gotta agree with LB. They pretty much convicted this guy without proof.

  7. Nine prior busts for gun,drugs, and robbery. Local broker, why don’t u take this unfortunate victim into your house?

  8. I’m not on the jury. I can consider a prior history of NINE arrests. I’ll l leave aside the argument that perhaps someone with NINE arrests, such prior history should be considered.

  9. Interesting that a jury of twelve people sat on the trial, obviously thought there was evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, but you, after reading only this article know better. You’re pretty darned amazing.

  10. So what you’ve done in the past should haunt you forever? Because he might have smoked some weed, he must also have shot someone? No wonder we incarcerate more people than any other country in the world!
    Also “busts” is not exactly a legal term of art, NY Post, so I don’t even know if they mean arrests or convictions. An arrest might never get prosecuted. Such accurate reporting from the New York Post, as usual.

  11. i Agree With You @LocalBroker:disqus How Can They Convict a Person With any Evidence its Obvious The Jury Didnt Follow Court Rules Smh


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