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Brighton’s Bright N’ Green Condo Almost Completed


The ‘Bright N’ Green’ environmental building project being constructed at 67 Brighton First Lane is nearly complete, according to a report by Multi Housing News.

The 6,500-square-foot building, which features solar panels, wind turbines on the roof and insulated panel walls, will house six apartment units and a commercial space on the ground floor. As we previously reported, the ec0-friendly structure was being developed by controversial architect Robert Scarano, has run into hot water in the past after being banned by the Department of Buildings for submitting misleading and false paperwork.

When we last reported on the progress of the structure in December, we noted the incredible statement by Scarano, who claimed that it was the only building in the neighborhood to be unaffected by Superstorm Sandy. Scarano had taken the preemptive measure of raising the foundation of the building 4 inches higher than the 100-year flood level building code requirement.

Multi Housing News noted the interesting heating, cooling and plumbing systems of the futuristic building:

The structure’s geothermal-based heating and air conditioning systems will help keep temperatures ambient with a relative humidity of about 50 percent. Although the community will be connected to a municipal water source, the building will also include a water catchment system that will utilize storm water for toilet flushing and irrigation and maintenance needs.

That is all very fascinating but one question remains, what will the rent be like?

CORRECTION (9/26/13 5:39 p.m.): Originally we had reported that the building was 15,000 square-feet, not 6,5000 square-feet. We also stated that Robert Scarano was the architect of the building when he is actually the developer.

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  1. […] As we previously reported, the eco-friendly building was developed by Robert Scarano, an architect once banned by the Department of Buildings for submitting false and misleading paperwork. Despite Scarano’s sketchy reputation, the new building does seem very impressive, featuring the aforementioned solar panels, wind turbines on the roof and also a geothermic-based heating and air conditioning system. […]


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