Briefly Noted: New Numbers on Congestion Pricing, Dodgers and Winter Storm Advisory


While the majority of residents in the city seem to support Congestion Pricing, Brooklyn came in last, according to the Streetsblog poll which is missing Staten Island due to insufficient response:

Manhattan: 60.6 percent in favor, 32.5 percent opposed (pro-toll margin: 28.1 percent).
Bronx: 58.7 percent in favor, 34.3 percent opposed (pro-toll margin: 24.4 percent).
Queens: 54.8 percent in favor, 38.2 percent opposed (pro-toll margin: 16.6 percent).

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Brooklyn: 54.9 percent in favor, 39.9 percent opposed (pro-toll margin: 15 percent).

Poll: City Support for Congestion Pricing Is Even Stronger Than Statewide

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  1. Polls> Yeah, like in the 2016 presidential campaign?
    Don’t call it congestion pricing
    – call it what it really is:
    the strangulation of essential lifelines
    of commerce & movement into the heart of Manhattan.
    If enacted it will backfire and drive a stake into that heart.


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