Briefly: New Jobs, Bike Lanes on Bridges, Flashing Alerts, Brooklyn History And More

Briefly: New Jobs, Bike Lanes on Bridges, Flashing Alerts, Brooklyn History And More

BAM has hired Hanif Abdurraqib as guest curator at large to curate music engagements and work on special, long-term projects. He brings a background transcending poetry, music, cultural criticism and Black performance.

Photo credit: Megan Leigh Barnard.

“The pandemic has helped expand my imagining of live music, and I know it has expanded the imagination of music-makers globally. I’m excited to use this role as a way to connect those adjacent imaginations. I’m also eager to feature Black artists—both young artists who are defining and shaping the future of sound and performance, and others I consider living ancestors,” Abdurraqib said at the announcement.

Steve Witt on Kings Highway in 2018. Liena Zagare/Bklyner

Schneps Media has hired Stephen Witt, owner of Kings County Politics to be their “political editor-in-chief”, and has acquired his county politics sites as part of the deal.

New York Times has published an absolutely beautiful feature on the history of Brooklyn’s crazy streets – no numbers, half numbers, bad numbers – trying to consolidate 6 towns with identical street names was no easy task. It’s like a collection of short stories and snippets – save it for the weekend!

Brownstoner notes a new warehouse is coming to Red Hook.

If you missed, Daily News ran a rather alarming oped that we should not forget that parts of the BQE may collapse, and that’s not an idle threat, based on the author.

Speaking of transportation, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein who represents Borough Park has proposed an idea we can get behind – flashing alerts on the highway indicating the Hamilton Avenue drawbridge is up.

And yes, this would be nice, too:

NYT has the full story on the bike lanes on Brooklyn and Queensborough bridges. If you don’t have a subscription, check out this Streetsblog story, and while you are at it, send some money their way.

The Vendor Bill we wrote about yesterday? It passed city council: