Briefing 5/29: A Protest For George Floyd At Barclays Today, June 8 Reopening & More

Photo: Zainab Iqbal/Bklyner

Happy Friday! The weekend has finally arrived. Please stay safe and practice social distancing rules. Governor Cuomo announced today that NYC is on track to start Phase 1 of reopening on June 8. Here are your new numbers as of this afternoon:

  • There were 783 new positive confirmed coronavirus cases in NYC, down compared to the 904 cases from yesterday, bringing the total number of cases to 199,038 in the city.
  • There were 64 new confirmed coronavirus-related deaths in NYC, compared to the 63 deaths from yesterday, bringing the total number of deaths in the city to 16,737, with 4,740 probable deaths.
  • There will be a mass protest outside Barclays Center today over the murder of George Floyd, organized by Black Lives Matter at 6 p.m. today. Photos on Twitter show a large presence of cops already outside and a few NYPD correction trucks.
  • Maria DeCotis is a comedian from Brooklyn who impersonates Governor Cuomo from his daily news briefings. Her short videos on Twitter are very funny and quite popular. “When he goes on these tangents, I find them very humanizing and vulnerable and they are inspiring to make something off of because he’s really silly when he talks like that,” she told ABC7 News. 
  • “Brooklyn’s clubs and music venues are relying on philanthropic fundraising and bank loans to stay alive as they face an uncertain future, where they will likely be the last businesses to reopen as part of the New York’s phased reopening plan,” AMNY reported. 
  • Two synagogues, Congregation Beth Elohim and Union Temple, are discussing possible merger amid the pandemic, the Jerusalem Post reported. 
  • Here are the currently open “affordable housing” lotteries in Brooklyn, some taking applications up until the end of next month.
  • New York State’s primaries are on June 23 this year and since with the exception of Bay Ridge all local Brooklyn races are solidly Democratic, whoever wins in the June primary wins in November.
  • Domino Park is expanding its composting drop off site starting June 1. 
  • We wrote about Assembly Member Mathylde Frontus on her giving back and finding hope. Have you read it?

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Zainab Iqbal

Zainab is a staff reporter at Bklyner who sometimes writes poetry in her free time ||


  1. What we have been saying on the news is beyond disgraceful.! I wish people paid more attention and focus on the horrific sad loss of short Floyd and his heartbroken and devastated family.
    I am so out raged at brutality to our law enforcement, who is there to protect us, not to be abused!!! Our NYPD, and Law enforcements across the country, have enough to worry about during these terrible times. Them and their families don’t need the additional worry they suffer through every day with what’s going on now against our protectors!! On any given typical day, is bad enough. The extra panic is so unnecessary and I can’t comprehend it! These people who are protesting are disgusting and have no right to do what they are doing. For civilians who need our police in real emergencies, might not be able to get the attention they need and deserve because of what is going on!

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