Briefing 5/21: Charter School Fighting For Survival & A Brooklyn Baker Dies From Coronavirus

A person getting tested for the coronavirus. (Photo: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office)

It’s Thursday! The weather is lovely outside and the birds haven’t stopped chirping. Do go out for a walk if you are able to. Here are some new numbers as of this afternoon:

  • There were 466 new confirmed positive coronavirus cases in NYC, compared to the 724 cases yesterday, bringing the total to 192,840 positive cases in the City.
  • There were 79 new confirmed coronavirus-related deaths in NYC, compared to the 94 deaths from yesterday, bringing the total number of deaths to 16,232, with 4,771 probable deaths.
  • A Brooklyn charter school traumatized by the coronavirus is now fighting for its survival, ABC News reported. 
  • The city checked over 150 homeless men into the Tillary Hotel “to ride out the coronavirus potentially delivering the pandemic to the doorstep of the building’s residential units,” the NY Post reported. 
  • Conrad Ifill, a Caribbean Baker in Brooklyn, died from the coronavirus. He was 81 and was  “a fixture in central Brooklyn’s Little Caribbean neighborhood, known for his generosity and his nine rum fruit cake,” the NY Times reported. 
  • The city will soon be delivering 1.5 million meals a day, the Mayor announced this morning.
  • DDT, a Park Slope bar, has reopened. “We’re not going anywhere,” they told us. 
  • “Every public school student in New York City will soon receive more than $400 to help pay for food while school buildings are shut down, regardless of family income,” we published.  

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Zainab Iqbal

Zainab is a staff reporter at Bklyner who sometimes writes poetry in her free time ||


  1. The get food N.Y.C that the mayor started to assist people during this pandemic isn’t effective at all I called up and register through 311 I began to get box send to my apt since the end of April I was able to receive some decent standard boxes with fresh vegetables ,fruit,potatoes,canes tuna ,pasta,beans,bread,canes fruit I called up once a week On May 5 I received a box containing nine prepared foods I had to give them to two different neighbors as I can’t eat processed food I don’t eat meat products I phoned 311 and asked to speak with supervisor to make a complaint I have them my I.D number I then called up the following week for the standard box I was send another prepared food This time two boxes of total eighteen meals The boxes macaroni cheese was all over the chicken breast and corn I had to throw the food out I made a complaint again I have also phoned emergency management I or know body should have to eat food all thrown around together I was sick with the virus I,m better now so I could go to store

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