Briefing 5/11: Increase In Shootings & More Than 70 Rabbis, Priests, Ministers Killed From Coronavirus

Briefing 5/11: Increase In Shootings & More Than 70 Rabbis, Priests, Ministers Killed From Coronavirus
Photo: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

Happy Monday! Did you enjoy the rain pour for a bit from the comfort of your home? Here are some new numbers as of yesterday afternoon, today’s numbers (that are supposed to be released at 1 p.m. have not yet been made public):

  • There were 1,285 new confirmed coronavirus cases in NYC, compared to the 1,395 cases from Saturday, bringing the total to 178,766 positive cases in the City. In Brooklyn, there were 434 new confirmed coronavirus cases, compared to the 424 cases from Saturday, bringing the total to 47,836 cases in the borough.
  • There were 44,812 hospitalizations in the City. As for deaths, there were 271 new confirmed coronavirus-related deaths in NYC, bringing the total number of deaths to 44,812 in the City, with 5,178 probable deaths. In Brooklyn, the number of deaths is now 4,460.
  • The coronavirus has killed more than 70 NYC rabbis, priests, and ministers, the NY Post reported. “The dead include Holocaust survivors, pastors of some of the city’s largest churches, and clergy who preached through their final days. Many fell ill while tending to their flocks.”
  • Bloomberg News profiled Leon & Sons, a wine shop, about how it “bucked the COVID odds.” Have you read it yet?
  • Tasnim Shaheen is a Brooklyn mother who was pregnant with her third child when she contracted COVID-19 while six months along. She became very ill and went on a ventilator for more than a month. Doctors were unsure if the baby or mother would survive, but, they both did. She gave birth to a baby girl and is now able to breathe on her own, Pix 11 reported.
  • Maria Guia Cabillon was the head nurse at Kings County Hospital’s Emergency Room. She tested positive for the coronavirus and died. “She showed me how to be selfless. She showed me how to love unconditionally, and most of all, how to be kind to others. She would always tell me that my patients should always be first,” her daughter Fatima Cabillon told ABC 7 News.
  • Shootings in Brooklyn have increased since the lockdown. “Brooklyn has seen a nearly 6 percent increase in gunplay and a 10.5 percent increase in shooting victims since March 16 compared with the same period last year, according to the latest statistics. In terms of numbers, that’s two more shootings and four additional victims,” the NY Post reported.
  • Lloyd Cornelius Porter, a Bed-Stuy man described as “Mr. Hooper From Sesame Street” died from the coronavirus, BuzzFeed News reported. He was 49. “He would hold court. People just look to him to lead, to be the pulse,” his close friend told BuzzFeed News.
  • Alternate side parking will be suspended until May 17,  then will resume from May 18-24 to a citywide “clean sweep” to clean the streets – before being suspended again from May 25 through June 7.
  • Masks made by prison laborers earning as little as $0.69/hr are being distributed at New York’s federal jails, the Daily News reported. “Once you wash it, it shrivels up like a piece of paper,” one staffer told the Daily News.


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