Brennan & Carr Calls Out Roll-N-Roaster

Courtesy of wallyg via Flickr

Not only is Brooklyn home to the world’s best pizza and bagels, it’s also home to two legendary institutions of roast beef. These prodigious restaurants happen to both be in Sheepshead Bay. I don’t even need to name them, but for the sake of the record, I’m talking about Roll-N-Roaster and Brennan & Carr.

Last night, Brennan & Carr called out Roll-N-Roaster on their Facebook page.

“There is a new show on the Travel Channel called Food Wars. Who thinks that Brennan & Carr would beat Roll’N’Roaster in a best roast beef in New York competition?” they wrote.

Woah! Them’s fightin’ words! So what do you think Sheepshead Bay? Who’s got the beef?


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