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BREAKING: Transformer Explosion On Avenue V


This just in, there has been a transformer explosion on Homecrest Avenue between Ave V and Neck Road Avenue V. We are hearing reports of power and phone outages in the surrounding areas.

UPDATE: We are being told that the traffic lights are out on Avenue V from East 12th Street to East 15th Street.

UPDATE: 6:30 p.m.  The offending transformer is located on a telephone pole on the southside of Avenue V between East 12th Street and Homecrest Avenue. To the un-trained eye, the transformer does not look as if it exploded. Con-Ed staff told our reporter that it did indeed explode and then shut down. There was no fire at the scene.

Power is partially out on the blocks bounded by East 12th Street to East 15th Street between Neck Road and Avenue U. The outage appears to begin mid-block between Neck Road and Avenue V and continue to mid-block between Avenue V and Avenue U.

All street lights and traffic lights are out on Avenue V between East 12th Street and East 15th Street. Please be careful when crossing those intersections. There were no police or fire department personnel on location to direct traffic when our staff walked the area. Many close calls were observed as cars sped through the intersections.

A Con-Ed worker told our staff that power should be restored within 2 hours.

UPDATE: 6:50 p.m. We are hearing reports that the traffic light at Coney Island Avenue and Avenue V is now out as well. Please be careful when driving in the area.

UPDATE: 7:55 p.m. Loyal reader and frequent commenter, Lostinservice, has told us that the power was restored at approximately 7:40 p.m. Thanks for the update Lostinservice and good job Con-Ed.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

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  1. Was it an autobot or a decepticon?

    I called ConEd to report the power outage as soon as it happened and midway through the phonecall I got a call from them telling me they’ve begun repairs and should be done by midnight.

    Worst time of day and weather for this to happen since there’s no light for reading and candles are inneficient.

  2. Update: just got a call from ConEd’s automated meaaage updating their power restoration ETA to 1am. I’m inclined to go to tete a tete for some electricity and a latte or wheelers for a beer.

  3. You’re welcome for the update, and yes, kudos to ConEd for their fast work in fixing the problem. With pouring rains which obviously complicate electrical work, it’s very impressive they were able to resolve the issue in just over 2 hours. Well done!


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