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BREAKING: State Senator Carl Kruger Resigns!


Just minutes before heading into court for an expected guilty plea, State Senator Carl Kruger sent out the following letter to the Secretary of the State Senate.

“I hereby resign my office as state senator for the 27th District, Kings County, effective immediately,” Kruger wrote in the letter.

As the Daily News points out, Kruger would have lost his seat once he admitted to a felony.

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  1. A real schocker to anyone who relied solely on his newsletter as source of information for happenings in the district.  Can’t wait to read the next one.

  2. as a person who lives around the corner from this guys office. i always wondered how it  spent thousands on landscaping, when all he has is concrete and 2 planters!

    so who wants to egg his office

  3. With all that can be said against Senator Kruger (and that’s quite a bit), we should remember that, at a time when he had nothing to gain or lose from voting his conscience instead of the fears and prejudices of his largely conservative homophobic constituency, he proudly cast a pivotal swing vote for the marriage equality bill that has since enabled thousands of same sex New York couples to create legitimate families.  Yes, he’ll be remembered for the shame he brought upon himself and his office, but, on this one issue at least, he should take pride in being on the right side of history.

  4. Kruger had the potential to be a great statesman. He wasn’t lacking in ability, nor intelligence. He knew how to play the political game. He could have voted in favor of the marriage equality bill at any time; while this was a hot button issue it didn’t have to be the make or break vote for any balanced politician. I think he underestimated himself in that capacity, just as he mistakenly believed that it was his right to gain financially from the powers and influence that came with his title.

    It’s a pity that his is a story that keeps repeating itself again and again.

  5. You must have misunderstood me. Of course it is enough for my needs. I only have to go elsewhere to learn about Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheern who aren’t covered here. I was saying that since he never mentioned any of his problems in his newsletters, one would think he is the perfect elected official from his newsletters whose only concern is to help his constituents, all of whom he personally helps. I think Andy is correct. That will be the headline of his next newsletter, how being behind bars wil not stop him from his mission to help seniors in their fights with their landlords, social security administration, and te bureaucracy.

  6. Now it’s official, our neighborhood is not represented in the State Senate. While he was in office only those people who bribed him were represented. I am glad to see him gone. I tried repeatedly to meet with him and was turned around. Good ridden to a whore of a public servant.


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