BREAKING: Sandbags Placed On Plumb Beach

Plumb Beach yesterday afternoon, before additional sandbags were placed.

We’ve just received word that the city has placed additional sandbags on Plumb Beach in an effort to prevent further erosion and flooding on the Belt Parkway

Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson informed Councilman Lew Fidler late today that the city placed extra sandbags along the eroded section of Plumb Beach, where a storm two years ago devoured all but a few feet of rubble between the waters and the Belt Parkway.

It appeared Plumb Beach and the Belt Parkway would be left abandoned in the face of Hurricane Irene just two days ago, when Sheepshead Bites reported that the city was doing nothing to secure against the storm surges. Councilman Fidler acted on Sheepshead Bites’ tip, prodding the city to reconsider and place additional emphasis on preserving Southern Brooklyn’s most important roadway.


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