BREAKING: Fatal Accident In Manhattan Beach

Update [10:45 p.m.]: The victim was a 52-year-old Sheepshead Bay resident. The alleged driver has been brought to the station for question, but she reportedly denies being behind the wheel of the car. She said another man was driving and fled the scene.

A man was struck by a car on Shore Boulevard within the past hour possibly leading to his death, according to a source at the scene.

Manhattan Beach Community Group President Ira Zalcman contacted us with some preliminary information. He said a 52-year-old man, approximately 40 years old,got out of his vehicle after parking on the water side of Shore Boulevard, between Coleridge Street and Beaumont Street. While his door was still open, he and his car were struck by a westbound vehicle with about four people inside.

Zalcman described the damage to the victim’s door as “incredible,” adding that witnesses of the accident are shocked and said the driver was speeding.

Police have taped off the entire boulevard for two blocks. Zalcman said police on the scene are being tight-lipped, but from the way they’re handling it, the accident was likely fatal and the accident was fatal. An officer told him that a Highway Patrol Unit was on its way to take measurements, indicating that it’s being treated as a crime scene.

We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.