BREAKING: Police Swarm Sheepshead Bay Station For Armed Robbery

NYPD and other emergency responders swarmed all exits of the Sheepshead Bay train station after a gun-toting thug sought escape on the tracks.

The suspect after his arrest (click to enlarge)

Responders first showed up at the scene around 9:35 p.m. on Monday. An officer said a man had robbed at least one person at gunpoint. Other witnesses said the suspect attempted to flee by the East 14th Street pedestrian bridge and then climbed over the fence and onto the tracks. It’s not clear where the robbery attempt occurred – reports vary whether it was near the station, in a train car, on Emmons Avenue or on the platform.

Approximately 50 officers were dispatched to the area, including members of the Canine Division, Vandalism Squad and the heavily armed Emergency Service Unit. Several ambulances also lined the street. The authorities clustered at the Sheepshead Bay Road and Voorhies Avenue entrances to the train station, as well as the Shore Parkway entrance to the pedestrian bridge on the other side of the Belt Parkway. An NYPD helicopter hovered overhead with a search light scanning the tracks.

Trains in both directions were stopped and lights cut, as police were seen searching car-to-car.

Minutes before 10:00 p.m., a suspect was detained on the tracks and brought down through the Voorhies Avenue exit. He passed a mob of onlookers, and blood and dirt were on his face and clothes. An officer said he fell during the pursuit.

Trains remained out-of-service for around 20 more minutes. On the Sheepshead Bay Road side, the booth agent was crowded with confused passengers looking for alternative routes home.

Officers were still seen searching the area by 10:20 p.m., presumably for the suspect’s weapon.