BREAKING: Police Shooting Near P.S. 194

(Courtesy of nolastname)

UPDATE #2: As readers of our Twitter account may know, when we hit the scene we heard a few new things circling amongst reporters. Police fired three shots at around 3:10 p.m. at a 22-year-old white male wielding what appeared to be a gun. The object turned out to be a toy gun. The 22-year-old was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital. (6:40 p.m.)

Original story

There was a police shooting around 4 p.m. today near P.S. 194, on Avenue W and Knapp Street.

From News 12:

NYPD officials say one person has been shot by officers near P.S. 194. The person was taken to Coney Island Hospital, authorities say. Officials at P.S. 194 say no students were harmed in the incident.

UPDATE: Knapp Street between Avenue W and Avenue V has been closed off by police, and news vans are on the scene. (4:33 p.m.)