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BREAKING: Pedestrian Dead After Being Struck By Car On Gravesend Neck Road (UPDATED)

Gravesend Neck Road and East 16th Street (Source: Google Maps)
Gravesend Neck Road and East 16th Street (Source: Google Maps)

Update (1:00 p.m.): The 82-year-old pedestrian did not survive. The victim was transported to Coney Island Hospital, where the person was pronounced dead on arrival, according to the Vision Zero Twitter feed.

Original post:

A driver struck a pedestrian on East 16th Street and Gravesend Neck Road this morning, leaving the pedestrian seriously injured.

The accident happened at approximately 9:30 a.m. The circumstances are not yet known.

Transportation Alternatives’ Vision Zero Twitter feed is reporting that the victim went into traumatic arrest and is not expected to survive.

The NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad has been dispatched to the scene.

Reader Georgia B. writes in to tell us that Gravesend Neck Road has been closed off from East 15th Street to East 17th Street. It’s not clear if access has been restricted to the Neck Rd B/Q subway station, which is on the same block.

It is at least the second serious pedestrian strike in the Sheepshead Bites coverage area this week. On Tuesday, a 77-year-old woman was struck and killed on East 19th Street and Avenue U.

The 61st Precinct has promised increased traffic safety enforcement as part of the citywide Vision Zero initiative.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

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  1. How the hell could a driver hit a pedestrian at that crossing? It’s an intersection with STOP signs in all directions, and Neck Road has STOP signs at almost every corner from Coney Island Ave to Ocean Ave! The driver must have been impaired or distracted, it seems inexcusable.

  2. i was not there when it happened but every morning some one runs that stop sign or rolls past it pretending its a yield sign.

  3. Not always the drivers’ fault as I see many subway riders at the Neck Road Station cross the street without regards to the cars when they come off the train. I drive by there daily and see it all the time.

  4. People roll through the stops signs on Neck Rd and the cross streets all day, everyday. It has been like this for a long time. An old man, his grandson and myself were almost hit on the exact corner last week when a woman blew right through the stop sign. Everyday when I walk to and from the train I never trust that the drivers are going to stop.

  5. Ask the 61 Pct. safety officer; I bet that statistically Neck Road bet E 14 and E 16 streets have few actual collisions or pedestrians struck. But, the near-misses much be many, since pedestrians are always moving to and from the subway and NetCost. I drive and walk those blocks and they are a challenge to both car and walkers. I’d like to hear from other Neck Roaders.

  6. Many drivers who are driving down the Neck Rd street do not make a full stop at the E.16th intersection even when there is someone waiting to cross. I walk my dogs down this block and only cross if there is no car as far up as 15th Street because it is a given that they just will not stop at the E.16th St. stop sign. They also often drive down Neck Rd and make a right turn onto E.16th without stopping or looking to where or who they are turning into who may be in that crosswalk as well. It is an intersection where 2 one way streets meet so there is only 2 stop signs. With the Net-Cost supermarket taking much of the end of E. 16th leading to Neck Road the area is also plagued with double parked cars. Gravesend Neck Rd is one of the oldest section of street blocks in Brooklyn and it is not the most straight. In the 90s I saw a car make the turn from Neck Rd onto E. 16th and hit a boy on a bike outside of the former Rose Stalkin bridal boutique. I was a kid myself at the time and asked someone from the bridal salon to call 911 but the boy with the broken bike got up and with the bike broken the greasy slimeball sai

  7. this is in fact true. i drive down E 16th all the time and see these people crossing in the middle of the street to get to the trains doors quicker.

  8. Not trying to blame anyone as I didn’t see what happened. Just stating that pedestrians can cause accidents too. Especially with those headphones on or texting while crossing the street.

  9. From : Upon further investigation 43-year-old operator of the Nissan SUV was issued two summonses; Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian and Failure to Exercise Due Care.

    HAD THE PRECINCT HAVE ENFORCED MOTOR VEHICLES YIELDING TO PEDESTRIANTS AND ISSUED SUMMONSES TO THOSE WHO DONT – maybe , just maybe, drivers would be a little more careful around here ?

  10. It happened before 930. I got on the train at 830, everything was closed off and there was no body or evidence of anything occurring, just cops standing around

  11. I agree with Lisa Underscore Sheepshead Underscore Bay and her description of traffic flow at that intersection . But her 20-year old anecdote near Rose Salkin’s bridal shoppe leaves me puzzled. If that is the only traffic accident she has seen at that location in over 20 years, that is a pretty good safety record, eh?

  12. There’s a 61 Pct. Safety Officer?! You make a couple of good points! However, I have a friend who lives near this Road. She tells me that Neck Road, as lovely, and historic as it is, should be called Nascar Neck Road Rally, at times. Drivers heading east from C.I.A., take this street to be an obstacle speedway, rarely exhibiting personal responsibility, making like the Stop signs are not there, and realizing there is no enforcement, are oblivious to common human decency. She’s amazed there aren’t more accidents along that strip! Ironically, the Precinct, is located at its’ C.I.A. start!

  13. This happened before 9:30. I passed by car down E.16 around 8:05 and a firefighter was performing CPR on the victim.

  14. I live a few blocks away. Yes, I do see cars rolling through the stop sign on E16th St.. What I see a lot more of is the people that walk from Avenue W tend to cross E16St in the middle of Neck Rd. and W, walking on a long angle to the corner where they make a B-line for the subway doors. The cross walks are seldom used. It’s the same at the end of the day. Right out of the subway and cross the street, who needs to walk to the corner.
    It’s a two way thing. Jay walk, get hit and there are no charges to be filed.

  15. Why does BOSBay need to be there? 3 way stops at every intersection (that is a fact). How do you hit a pedestrian when you have to stop at every corner?

  16. Yes, pedestrians do stupid shit. But when you are stopping at literally every corner, what can a pedestrian do to surprise you that you can’t react to in time? Really, you’re supposed to be stopping at every corner!!

  17. That’s what I don’t understand. How do you kill someone and get a summons for failure to yield the right of way? If the driver was no way at fault, there shoudn’t be any charges. If he was wrong, you are correct, the charge should be negligent homicide.

  18. Yes Lisa your 100% right I walk everyday there to go to the station or a store and its a mess. Just the other day I was standing on that corner just looking at how many cars stopped at that stop sign very few. They make the right turn with no reguard if someone is crossing. The other one is the stop sign on East 16th and Ave W another danger point. born and raised in this neighborhood and its getting worse and worse with the stop signs. By the way you know how many people don’t know how to stop or go at a 4 corner stop sign?? another problem.

  19. I saw the accident. Driver DID not stop for the woman. In fact, the car ran over the woman with both front and back tires. It was horrific and the driver just seemed to not have been paying attention. How else does your SUV roll over someone and you not stop but only AFTEr running the person with your whole car do you stop???!!! Neck Rd is full of speeding drivers that don’t stop for stop signs.

  20. Omg. This is awful! What the hell is going on with the drivers in Sheepshead? First a lady gets killed on Ave U, now this??

  21. Something needs to be done about these stop signs.. Drivers don’t pay attention to any of them on neck road or avenue v… There’s a lady that drives a blue sedan passed east 21st and avenue V around 8:15-25am and she never ever stops. Doesn’t even look at me… Be careful everybody!

  22. It was most likely a young narcissistic Russian diva,updating her status on “Facebook” while driving. Totally oblivious to the real world and totally apathetic and detached from the real world..

  23. The 20 year ago incident outside Rose Salkin is the only accident at that particular intersection where I “firsthand” witnessed a person hit. I’ve seen accidents after the fact. But every day I assure you I always see cars driving right through the intersection without yielding let alone stopping. It is sad when someone is hit and injured or killed by a driver who is so self absorbed in their need to drive somewhere as fast as possible that they are above following traffic rules such as humans right of way and stop signs/traffic lights. In a collision with a pedestrian and a vehicle, the vehicle will always win.

  24. The three-way stop signs do not work in the manner you and DOT expect. Regular stop signs, clearly marked cross walks, maybe a speed bump or two would be more effective. Does anyone here remember that Neck Road was once a two way street? I think it was safer then because cars had to slow down not to hit one another. One other thing, I will look out for the Lady in the Blue Sedan and give her plenty of room. People are racing to beat the Ocean Avenue traffic light. I don’t want to be a statistic.

  25. You are so right. I can’t stand the “long angle” walkers who risk life and limb just to maybe shave a few seconds off their foot race to the subway.


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