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BREAKING: Nostrand Pathmark To Be Replaced By Aldi Food Market, Opening October 2013

Photo by Erica Sherman

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: Neighbors who want a Trader Joe’s to replace Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue may be happy to learn that Aldi, a low-cost food market owned by Trader Joe’s parent company, will soon serve up fresh produce and other groceries from the currently defunct storefront beginning late next year.

A customer service representative for the international company confirmed to Sheepshead Bites that Aldi is slated to open at 3785 Nostrand Avenue in October 2013.

Aldi, based in Germany, operates more than 1,200 stores in the United States, and is owned by the same parent company as Trader Joe’s. The company has been growing, with plans to add 80 stores this year to its roster of 75 existing operations. They opened their first two New York City locations in 2011 – first in Queens and a second in the Bronx. And, earlier this month, they celebrated the grand opening of a Manhattan location.

DNAinfo reported on the Manhattan opening, noting the following:

Aldi keep prices low by purchasing in bulk from food suppliers and making their own Aldi brands. Approximately 95 percent of the products in the store are sold under Aldi’s brand labels. The store carries a tight selection of 1,400 products with occasional special buys from national retailers and seasonal items such as pumpkins.

They also operate Spartan stores where customers are required to deposit a quarter in order to get a shopping cart. They get the quarter back when they return the cart, freeing employees from having to spend time tracking the carts.

The news outlet was also among the first to hint at the opening of a Nostrand Avenue location, saying that one was planned somewhere along the strip in late 2013.

A now-expired job posting by the company on pinpointed the address to that of the former site of Pathmark. The company’s customer service rep confirmed the address and the expected opening date to Sheepshead Bites this morning.

Recently, local pols including Councilman Lew Fidler and Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein have noted at civic meetings that a deal had been forged, but declined to go into details, saying that the project was in the hands of the Brooklyn Borough President.

Although he would not confirm that Aldi Food Market would take the location, Fidler did tell Sheepshead Bites that the Borough President is expected to make an announcement about a new market later this week.

“[Getting a supermarket is] something that [Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein] and [Borough President Marty Markowitz] and I have been pushing Lefrak to do. We turned down other suggestions for the locations both from Lefrak and interested parties, such as a catering hall, and we’re very pleased,” Fidler said. “There’s no doubt in my mind that a supermarket in that location is going to be a good thing, especially for the seniors. And it’s going to be a terrific thing for the other businesses on that stretch of Nostrand Avenue because it will bring people there to shop.”

The Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue has been closed since April 2011, after its owner, A&P, filed for bankruptcy. It was one of 32 stores closed in six states, and caused the loss of approximately 100 workers locally. The Aldi representative could not say how many jobs the new location would create.

It’s not yet clear when the deal became official, but as of April 2012, the Lefrak Organization, which owns the property, confirmed that they were still seeking prospective tenants.

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  1. T’was waiting for your article on this! I live a block away from there and I keep hearing trucks going in and out of there.

  2. DNA (and your post) is wrong, it is not the same company as Trader Joes. The guy who owns Trader Joes is brothers with the guy who owns Aldi. the TJ’s guy left Aldi & bought TJ’s

    Very similar to adidas & Puma, also founded by 2 German brothers who split up/had a falling out

    That said, they are similar stores in that nearly everything both sell are their own private label brands. I now live in Queens & sometimes shop their Rego Park store. Everything is really cheap & good quality. Not as upscale/gourmet as TJ’s & certainly less emphasis on organic.

    The Nostrand location is significantly larger than Rego Park, probably 2x the size, & makes me wonder if they are only taking part of the space.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Corey. From what I understand, there is the parent company, ALDI, or ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co., which split internally into ALDI Nord and ALDI Sud. Nord operates Trader Joes, while Sud operated Aldi. However, they are still owned by the larger holding company, ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co.

  4. I spoke with the property manager on site supervising the recent work and he confirmed that only half of the building will be used for the store.

  5. I heard that only half the store was bought also. Carol from the wine village is really knowledgeable about what is going on here. You should talk to her.

  6. I love TJs also, but it is too expensive a store for our neighborhood. We have to think of our senior citizens. They could never afford their prices. Besides, on a nice day, you can take your car to the train station (to bring your packages home) and take the B/Q to Atlantic Ave or the R train to Court Street, and go to the TJs there. It’s right on the corner of Court and Atlantic. You can’t miss it.

  7. It is more expensive than a supermarket but the gourmet items are very reasonable. You are 1000% right about our seniors and think they deserve/need more than the special “senior day discounts” they recieve from “some” stores.
    I have been to Atlantic T.J.’s many times by car if I do take the train to Atlantic I transfer to the bus. Downhill is OK but going back is a bitch.
    I also frequent the B.J.’s past 5 towns.
    Can’t keep me away from the pecan cookies.

  8. Also, they close at 7. I love Silver Star, but it’s been months since I’ve been there just because it’s so impossible to get to before they close. I miss their mozzarella balls.

  9. Aldi is a good store. Many of their brands are OK, some are great and some could really be better. Prices usually are lower than a typical supermarket, however, there is no comparison when some of the huge chains have an item on sale. If you are too busy to comparison shop and visit several markets, ALDI is great. It is also great to have a local store where you can buy the essentials. Some of the current every day prices at ALDI — gallon of milk 3.29; half gallon orange juice 2.19 to 2.79; bananas 44 cents/pound; 20 ounce loaf of American white bread 85 cents.

  10. I have had the stuffed pork chop and stuffed flounder. For the $$ damn good. Better than “some” restaurants. And their skinny green beans are great, kids love ’em.

  11. Hope that the $.25 deposit for shopping carts means the gates won’t be barred to wheelchair users as they are at Basic.

  12. Thank God……we need a supermarket that does not charge an arm and a leg. Fruit and veggies and dairy are high here in Brooklyn…….Our town has enough of drug stores………Hopefully the staff will not be mean to old people.


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